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June 4th, 2015 05:00

Adding Software for the Wyse X50M (Wyse WSM)

Unhappy Adding Software for the Wyse X50M (Wyse WSM)

I just bought a WYSE X50M thin client. I added the additional 2GB of memory and got a 32GB SD card for it. I would like to upgrade the Firefox browser. I tried to do this by going to Firefox and disabled the internet connection. I had to reset to default and reconnect with a physical Ethernet cable in order to re-establish a Wifi connection. I got this cool laptop on Tech for Less. I am an end user who has been using Windows and would like to learn more about Linux (SUSE Linux, in this case).

Is there a way of upgrading Firefox and adding Chrome and Opera without blowing up the machine? I am entering this entry (wirelessly through the built-in Wifi) with the WYSE X50M as we speak, so it works. I would also like to add a user account, as I am currently using the admin account, and based on my research, I have to be very careful, as the admin privileges are powerful enough to do something fatal.

If the Wyse X50M is not part of Wyse WSM, then if someone could inform me of what the purpose of Wyse WSM is, I would appreciate it, as I am just a babe in the woods as far as this particular physical architecture is concerned.

Any help or guidance that anyone could provide would be appreciated.


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June 4th, 2015 05:00

Bruce, WSM is a OS and Application Virtualization solution delivering true PC experience to Cloud PCs or diskless computers but it is not a management tool for SUSE based Thin Clients like the X50M.
Wyse Thin Clients running Thin OS, the Wyse Zero Engine or Linux don't need a management software for updating software or addons.
Please have a look at the Documentation Set - Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise Release 11 SP2 and feel free to open a case on-line by going to the following url and select red "Self Service FAQ" link for more information on how to get started:

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