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June 4th, 2015 07:00

Client Boot Issues

Client Boot Issues

Not that anyone here is a switching expert.... We cannot boot our Z0D clients using standard layer 3 HP switches at full gig speeds.. They will not boot... The PXE boot process hangs and spins and goes nowhere.. We have had to hard code in the switch port settings making them 100/full and they they boot (and reboot reliably) properly. Problem is they are super slow. I have tried every command I can think of in the Procurve arsenal with no luck. The clients are attached to a single switch and in a separate vlan. Other than than nothing special. I have tried STP, MSTP, and RSTP.. I have tried edge-port and bdpu-filter on the port side with no luck. Just wondering if anyone else is using HP hardware on the back end. DHCP is on the same segment as clients..

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