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June 4th, 2015 07:00

Devices can't boot (Authentication and time out error)

Exclamation Devices can't boot (Authentication and time out error)


We have a Main site HQ and it's a core and edge and we have a linked sites core and edge too,

when the connection is down all devices (on linked site) can't boot and stuck on Authentication and gives time out error,

when the connection is back all devices boot successfully,

and there is hanging on the OS when the connection become down.

Authentication services running with Admin user credential and this user is local user.

any help for this problem


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June 4th, 2015 07:00

We have a primary domain controller on HQ and on Linked site we have Additional DC,

and the logon is good but the windows hanging or the device can't boot when the connection is down.

The WSM is V.5


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June 4th, 2015 07:00

The problem you describe is that the WSM OS Authentication Service tries do set the computer account password when the client boots up, and if the DC for the specified domain is unavailable this can lead to delayed or stalled boot.
WSM uses the Windows API's to set the machine account in AD and therefore does not control the timeout of this operation. If DNS does not respond in a timely manner, it is the Windows OS that fails and effects WSM.
Please make sure that there is no domain controller specified in WSM System Settings AD Configuration, only the domain name should be entered, otherwise WSM will only talk to this sinlge DC rather using DNS Ressource Records to find the nearest DC. If there is a DC specified, clear the field and then publish the site template to apply these settings at the linked site. Then try again.

It's also possible to disable the update of the computer account password at startup, but this procedure will only be successful if there is not a GPO in place that requires machines to change their machine account passwords every X days. If this type of GPO is in place, please create a new OU for the WSM clients and do not apply that GPO to these clients.
Perform the following actions on every WSM Server in the Linked Site:
1. Stop all WSM Services. Stop all services through the WSM Admin Console first and then stop the WSM Admin service from the services control panel applet
2. Create a registry entry: "HKLM\Software\Wyse\WSM \NoResetDevicePasswordInAD" (DWORD), set value to "1" (this location may be different on 64bit Server OS)
3. Start the WSM Admin service and then all other WSM Services from the WSM Admin Console

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June 4th, 2015 07:00

Guess you don't have a Domain Controller in the Linked Site?
In this scenario managing the Computer Account for the devices booting in the linked site cannot be successfull when the connection to HQ is down.
What version of WSM are you running?

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