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June 6th, 2015 08:00

WSM3.6 - can't get R00L clients to login into Windows Domain

WSM3.6 - can't get R00L clients to login into Windows Domain

I purchased the Pilot in a Box(upgraded to WSM 3.6) in May 2011 and successfully connected 2
R00L clients to my W2003 domain. Just purchased 10more R00L clients which the server sees on bootup and allows me to name them and on the reboot allows me to log into our W2003 domain.

If I do a restart I cannot log into the domain anymore(I can get in with a local logon). The message I get is "Windows cannot connect to the domain. either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable, or because your computer account was not found."

I see the client names in Active Directory.

Any help here is much appreciated!

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June 6th, 2015 08:00

You need to configure the WSM OS Authentication Service to run with the credentials of an Domain Account Operator, and this user must also be part of the local Admin Group.
WSM Installation Guide - Preparing for Installation - System Security and Credentials and has more information on this topic.

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June 6th, 2015 08:00

This reply helped me alot, I had not changed the logon account on my OS Auth service on the WSM server to run with a domain admin account, it was still on local system. My error was The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed. on one of my two test computers.

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June 6th, 2015 08:00

Thanks mhaase! That was it.

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