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November 13th, 2020 08:00

Customer service and quality control at an all-time low Dell XPS

I have been a long-time Dell consumer and advocate due to the build quality and innovation when it comes to laptops and monitors. I even switched off apple because of what dell has been doing. I currently own 1 laptop, 2 monitors, and a desktop, all made by Dell. I will honestly probably never buy a dell product again after this experience. I purchased the new dell XPS 15 9500 in white with all, and I mean all the bells and whistles, and it was not cheap. I had read the thousands of reviews and posts about the trackpad issue, but then dell promised the community it had fixed it back in July (for reference, I purchased my XPS in October). When it arrived, the trackpad was very clearly wobbly, uneven, and had this weird clicking noise when I did not click it. I immediately called Dell technical support and could not speak to a single person in the US or anyone who had any real knowledge (and I pay for premium support plus). That is a lot of money to speak to some guy in India who has no idea how a laptop even works. After, I kid you not 4 hours of phone waiting and talking to 3 different people; they sent me a replacement. It took a month for the first laptop to arrive; then, it took almost 3 weeks for the second one to come. I open it up, and what do you know, it has the same exact problem. I immediately call up tech support that I pay so much for, and they hang up on me 4 times when they said, please hold. After almost 2 hours of waiting and re-calling, I finally get someone who says they will send another one, but it will take another 3 weeks. This has been so horrendous, and the quality control is so bad I do not know how they can justify charging almost $3,000 for a laptop. I have no idea what to do now except maybe talk to BBB and keep having them replace them until I eventually get one that works. Perhaps I just go and buy the new Razor or HP Spectre as they seem to do proper quality control and have an actual customer service team I can talk to.

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November 13th, 2020 09:00

Update: Issue has not been resolved yet, they are putting me in contact with a supervisor. I will update again with the results of that conversation.

November 13th, 2020 09:00

I don't mind bad service - I've come to expect it - but when I keep getting peppered by "Dell Virtual Assistants" with names like "DELL CARES" with requests for my Service Tag Number (Dell, you KNOW my Service Tag Number. Stop asking for it) then I get mad, as in my username. 

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November 13th, 2020 23:00

No wonder I didn't stand a chance. Sitting in a country without Dell direct support, I tried to get help over the phone to a regional office (somewhere in southeast Asia) and surprisingly they were better than I expected in their reply and action, but it was short lived. They initiated a motherboard change request for my XPS 13 9300, and then the Dell reps here in the forum say I'm not eligible for support. I know it is difficult claiming warranty in a place like Pakistan, but then why would you initiate a warranty replacement on the support system, and then say here in the forum it is not for me. Who approved it in the first place and if they verified the warranty and did it, then why say it is not valid now.

But looking at what has happened with you, I think I was expecting too much, and I should just make peace with my laptop's issue.

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November 15th, 2020 14:00

I went through 3 XPS 15 9500s between August and October this year. All had issues, some of which were definitely due to a lack of quality control. This included overheating, wobbly trackpad, hissing/crackling speakers and broken CAPS key illumination. Both replacements Dell provided had the same wobbly trackpad and speaker issues. They did send someone to fix the trackpad which resolved that issue but speakers issues remained.

I might be wrong but it seems Dell are so keen to get these units out of the factory given the lack of availability that they have decided to skimp on quality and quality control.  Many others are having such issues. I returned my 2nd replacement and am looking for an alternative brand/laptop.

I wish you all the best with yours. Probably best to ask them to come out and fix the trackpad if they offer that service in your area

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December 2nd, 2020 19:00

Update 2: They sent a repair person out to fix the track pad and replaced if with another broken track pad!!! I told them to replace it with a new laptop and they said it would take almost 2 months to ship!!! So far they have gone from bad to worst.

December 14th, 2020 06:00

Wow. My 9500 is arriving today. I got the 1 yr damage protection. I just started reading all the forums on their quality control and now I'm nervous. 

One single issue and I'm just going to ask for a refund

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January 28th, 2021 23:00

I was fooled into thinking the trackpad issue on the XPS 9500 had been fixed as well. After waiting three weeks, I got mine in December and the trackpad was garbage. I called support and after 45 minutes talking to an indian dude, I asked to speak to a supervisor. He kept telling me none were available (this was at 10 AM on a Monday). Doing my best to keep my cool, I ended up requesting to return the laptop. I ordered a Precision 5550 hoping the quality will be better. It should be here this weekend. We'll see...

March 15th, 2021 12:00

I totally agree. I've done the same as you, reading reviews and comparing XPS against other lineups only to find out how poorly XPS is designed. It was not cheap either! I'm in disbelief how a product of this supposedly "premium" provide such poor experience. I'm definitely going for Razer next time around if I were to burn a fat chunk of hard-earned cash.

June 15th, 2021 23:00

Typical Dell, The inspiron 5570 gave me cpu 57% after a Dell update, Internet limited to 10% after Dell installed app to control internet speed, buy an HP I did, it works.

July 31st, 2021 09:00

Same experience with my XPS 15 9500, now waiting for my 4th motherboard replacement.  Each of them has had some combination of issues with wifi/bluetooth/dGPU.  I have given up on trying to actually get a non-wobbly trackpad and resolved to just putting some electrical tape strategically under the trackpad to fill the dead space.

September 12th, 2021 15:00

I have had the same issue first xps 15 had battery issue the next one trackpad. Its just incredible. I have no option but to return this and go with an alternative. STAY AWAY from dell. No resposne from the great michael dell, what a joke. Made in "America" - the quality control is abysymal. I have wasted days setting up two new business machines. I am beyond annoyed. They are even controlling what i can post here and not allowing me to reply

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October 19th, 2021 09:00

I replaced my old YOGA with a Dell Inspiron 15 almost 3 months ago. The first one had a bad track pad out of the box, along with a host of other software issues, i.e., it kept shutting down and saying "oops we're sorry, restarting." After dozens of hours of troubleshooting and escalating, they wanted me to take my brand new laptop for repair. NO. More hours escalating, they finally sent a replacement. The replacement arrived and would not turn on. They determined it had a faulty power button. Again, they wanted to repair it. NO. They said they could not replace the second one, but I had to send back the first one. So, the second one won't power on. All my data is on the first one. You get the idea. Hours and hours more of escalation,, they finally agree to me sending back the one that doesn't power on. Weeks later, the THIRD laptop arrives. I set it up,, after an hour or so the power button seems to be working, the track pad works, and it is not shutting down randomly and repeatedly. So I begin transferring the data and suddenly the new, 3rd laptop goes BLACK. More hours with tech support and they determine the motherboard failed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Again, they want to repair it. I'm supposed to trust that I won't be plagued with repair after repair?


So here I am in escalation trying to get my money back. Meanwhile, I've been 2.5 months without a reliable laptop.



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February 6th, 2022 09:00

It is 2022 and Dell is having these same problems. Very disappointing. I never had a problem with my old XPS but the quality control is apparently nonexistent now. I wish I had seen these posts and comments before purchasing my "new" Dell XPS which has been defective out of the box. I have received 2 "new" motherboards, both of which were faulty. I now have a non-functioning laptop that I purchased in November 2021 and have to wait until later this month (Feb 2022) for a "replacement part."

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July 5th, 2022 07:00

How was your old yoga?

I have some terrible Dells but the Lenovo including one yoga are solid as far as I can tell.

My old carbon x1 was good but battery let it down.





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July 5th, 2022 07:00

Dell have always responded to me quickly, but then I have a 3 year service contract bought at time of purchase. Is that the difference? I always do this regardless of manufacturer as I expect the worst from all.

However dell hardware is not reliable at all in my experience..

I returned my first XPS 15 because of WiFi issues. Second xps laptop has same problem but only after return period expired.

I then had issues with laptop not powering back on fully after sleep.

I got mobo replacement.

Same problem on second mobo.

Now on third mobo and seems ok so far - but occasionally it just reboots. No bsod . Say once every 6 months.

Yesterday engineer came and replaced panel and speakers as camera and speakers failing.

So my xps laptop is two years old and has basically every part replaced at least once.


I am now discussing my other dell (why oh why) which has a faulty power connector I think and who's mouse pad triggers unexpectedly when pressure applied to bottom of laptop which is a bummer when using it on the lap.

I also have two Lenovo in the house and they are perfect. Never any kind of problem. 

So maybe I got unlucky or maybe dell is terrible quality.


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