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February 29th, 2024 05:33

My CTRL key started behaving like my FN key...FN key doesn't work

Hi -- I have an XPS 15 7590. I was just using my laptop like normal when suddenly my FN shortcuts stopped working / began doing things beside what the F key icons show. And somehow, now the CTRL button is behaving like the FN key? (e.g. -- "CTRL + F1" mutes audio. "CTRL + F2" turns volume down, "CTRL + F3" turns it up. "CTRL + F11" turns down the brightness.)

I'm really not sure what happened, but I definitely didn't go into my keyboard settings and manually make those changes. I've updated drivers, restarted, and the problem persists. Does anyone know to fix?

Thank you!

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February 29th, 2024 05:44

Solved my own problem! Someone with a different computer reported the same issue. The fix is to turn off F key lock -- which on my computer, just means pressing "FN + ESC."


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