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September 23rd, 2023 22:08

XPS 13 9315, Windows 11 issues

XPS 13 9315

XPS 13 9315

After many months of struggling with this XPS unit running Windows 11 Pro (pre-installed) I have now thrown in the towel and installed Windows 10 Pro on it. Wow !!! What a difference. With 11, this thing could not play digital audio without dropping out, the login screen took forever, video calls were non-usable and it would forget bluetooth KB and mouse connections - even replacing the Microsoft KB and mouse with another manufacturer made no difference. I had reset the machine more than once but no joy. What a difference with 10. I am now listening to audio HD files with no issues whilst doing many other things - including backing up the machine. Has anyone else had the same experience ? This machine was just unusable with Windows 11 and was getting worse. I am happy to stay on 10 because I think Windows 10 is the best OS Microsoft has ever produced. There is clearly something about 11 that is not good on this device. If anyone has the XPS 13 9315 with 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and 12th Gen Intel i7-1250U CPU I'd be interested to hear if you have had similar problems.

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23-09-2023 22:48 PM


I just recently purchased a E7270 Latitude as a backup to my existing one. The one I purchased had Win11 on it and although I have only used it for an hour, the wifi is very slow and I am not a fan of anything about Win11. I am hoping to be able to roll it back to Win10 which has worked well on all my PCs.

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24-09-2023 10:46 AM

It is a little strange it might work better on Windows 10 since it does not show any drivers for that OS.  Windows 10 and 11 are just about the same OS.  

Did you do any troubleshooting while you had Windows 11?  Many folks have problems with Audio and wireless connections over which the audio is being played.  So, would you say your problems were solely related to Bluetooth or also Wireless in general?

If you ever decide to go back to Windows 11, maybe we can troubleshoot a little.

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24-09-2023 16:31 PM

@Saltgrass​ Hi - many thanks for the follow-up. The network connection is wired using the expansion dock connected via USB-C. When running 11, I tried a load of different things - reloading latest drivers etc. I am always proactive on using windows update to get the latest patches. I think there were three main issues I was having -

1/ bluetooth connectivity would "lose" connected KB & mouse, using two different sets of kit.

2/ audio streaming just broke up constantly - no matter whether it was Amazon Music or using Teams conference call. didn't matter how much I tweaked the stream settings in terms of BW, things were just not good.

3/ System was just very sluggish - took forever to wake up and login, took a long time to switch between apps.

Now I am on 10, things are just better all round - I have not had a single problem as was seen before and the system is so much more responsive when launching/switching apps. So, for now I will stay on 10. I do have Acronis - so it's pretty simple for me to switch between the two OS's without much effort.

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27-09-2023 19:37 PM

I wish I had an answer for you but the only thing I might mention is that system seems to use an Intel AX211 Wi-Fi card.  That card is a little different, in that it relies heavily on the motherboard components.

Such a situation would not seem to cause some of the other problems, unless the system was having to wait on another process to complete.

And I agree Windows 10 is fine, since all of my laptops are not Windows 11 qualified.

Oh, something else I was wondering about, have you checked the Device Manager to see if all your devices are working correctly?

16-11-2023 01:14 AM

I agree with you Daveck78, I've bought this XPS 9315 because I had a fantastic experience with a prior XPS 13. 


I've given up on it. 

Will go back to Windows 10 minus all the bloatware from third parties including Dell themselves.

EJECT WINDOWS 11, throw it out!

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17-11-2023 09:45 AM

We have two of these XPS 9315 units and both have exactly the same issue you're reporting on Windows 11.

Bluetooth has a mind of its own - for example headsets - it says connected and all settings point to outputting to the Bluetooth device, yet it will still output to the laptop speakers.

Camera on video calls (doesn't matter if it's Google Meet, Teams, Zoom etc) will just randomly stop being detected and will need a reboot to detect.

Audio drivers will just randomly no longer work - it will just say "No output devices found" - like not even laptop speakers. When this happens it also seems to bring down any video capabilities. Youtube just won't work, for example.

From my testing most of the problems seem tied to the Realtek audio drivers found on the drivers / support section Dell's website. When you uninstall them and reinstall an older version it seems to temporarily behave itself for a little while, but then  of course they update and everything goes to pot again. 

But yes, Dell and Windows 11 do not play nice at the moment. I have several other Dell laptops across the estate on Windows 11 that have audio and video issues. Rebooting the device seems to do the trick, but not ideal to have to keep doing that when you're trying to attend meetings etc, but these XPS issues are a whole different kettle of fish!


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