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July 28th, 2020 23:00

XPS 15 9500, lid is not tight close when keeping notebook vertical

Hi all,
I got my new XPS 15 a week ago and I see something that bothers me.
When I keep the notebook vertical the lid will open easily and it seems like there is no magnet that keeps it closed.
My concern is when I put it in a bag and go for traveling it will open and close a lot during movements and will damage something, I will attach pictures so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Is this by design or only I have this problem?


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September 25th, 2020 03:00

A user might experience the system lid slightly opened when holding it vertically. This is normal and by design.

The hinge structure is fine tuned as to support the one handed open feature. Plus, the 15" panel is heavier, therefore the customer may feel the hinge looser than other Dell laptops. When the lid is closed there is still tiny remaining torque at the hinge mechanism. Magnets are in place to mitigate the opening, but using a higher magnet force will cause the difficulty of one hand open feature. Although optimized, the magnet location and force are applied for each single system, there is still deviation from one to another.



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July 28th, 2020 23:00



Thanks for reaching out to us.


I’m Deepti from the Dell Social Media team. I understand that you're facing multiple issues with the system.


I have replied to your private message.



July 29th, 2020 00:00

Hi Deepti, I have replied to your private message. Please take a look. Thanks



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July 29th, 2020 00:00

Thank you.

We check and revert.

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August 16th, 2020 06:00

I have the same issue with my 9500. The lid never completely closes. And since I store it vertically, it is always cracked open about half an inch. I store it vertically because it would turn on in the middle of the night in sleep mode, and overheat. If I have it vertically, it helps the fans keep it cooler. Please let me know if there is a fix for these issues. Thanks!

August 16th, 2020 20:00

@mikayelaleksanyan, @DELL-Cares 


I have the same problem, the replace my laptop twice and still the same problem, after spend over 6 hours with out of the country poor support. And few "drop calls"

I made a Youtube video.

August 19th, 2020 10:00

That was my concern too, like a pen on small things get inside and damage the screen, even dust will get inside easily. They contact me but no resolution yet.

@mikayelaleksanyan @DELL-Cares 

August 20th, 2020 22:00


Hey Mika, Do the solve your problem? They told me on “private” this is normal on XPS 9500. And blame on me to not leave my laptop horizontal. Lol what a joke. @DELL-Cares 

August 25th, 2020 01:00

Hi @Cortexback ,

You are luckier because you live in the USA but I'm living in Armenia, paid more 50$ to dell for accidental damage warranty and they are not supporting this, it means I need to pay to get this fixed. I can't return the notebook because it is not easy for me to return it from here. I paid 2000$ for this notebook and I got it with the problem, I was an Apple user and never had issues like this with apple, this is really disappointing.

First I contacted Dell through WhatsApp chat, and it took few days for me to get the final answer about this and they said this is by design, and then I made a phone call from Armenia to the US, which means I spent a lot of money there because of international call and their support said that this is by design and then she told me that she will redirect me to another person, I waited in line for 15 minutes and no answer.
Finally, I decided to post here, and what they said to me in a private message is that it is not by design, this is the message I got "For the lid, the palm rest and hinge assembly needs to be replaced."

And they have partner companies here, where I can go and PAY to get this fixed.People blame Apple, but I never had issues with Apple, I decided to switch to Dell and I had a lot of problems. Even during the order. So disappointed...


August 31st, 2020 17:00

Hello All, Yes I am having the same issue. When I pick up my nearly $3000 unit the lid opens up just a bit, but enough as to allow debris to fall into the area between the keyboard and screen and damage either or. This is really annoying and unacceptable and I hope there is a simple fix without having to wait three weeks or more for them to attempt to fix this. Anyone have this issue resolved satisfactorily?

dell lid issue2.jpg

August 31st, 2020 17:00

Not only you!

dell lid issue.jpg


September 25th, 2020 06:00

Mine had the same problem, the magnets are too weak... That plus the loose trackpad on something I'm going to tap every 5 seconds is unacceptable. Returned for a full refund.

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September 25th, 2020 07:00

I had the same issue with the laptop not staying closed when in a vertical position and was given the same response by Dell support.  Since my XPS 9500 also had a trackpad issue, I returned my unit.  The replacement unit I received had no trackpad issues and the laptop when placed in a vertical position stays closed.  Don't believe the "It was designed that way for one handed opening" explanation.  All other manufacturers with the same type of one handed lift features have lids that stay closed.  Return it and get a refund or replacement.

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September 25th, 2020 13:00

Geez...  I posted a comment on this thread and started getting several spam private messages from Dell Cares asking for my serial numbers, etc.  Is this normal behavior when you post comments for others?

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September 25th, 2020 21:00


I just received my dell xps 15 yesterday and noticed the same issue. I'm not sure if this is a design flaw or not but I saw that the dell xps 17 came with a magnetic lid so I was confused as to why the xps 15 did not, or if mine is just defective. The lid did not feel magnetic at all and only felt like the weight of the lid itself was holding it closed and when on its side, it would prop up about a half an inch. If there is a solution or someone I can contact about this that would be greatly appreciated. 

Brandon Chang

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