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December 5th, 2018 19:00

XPS 15 9570, 4K screen color uniformity, #2

I just bought an XPS 15 with the 4k display and I am noticing that there is a red time to one side and a green tint to the other. I have also noticed that the brightness of the display is a bit darker around the edges. Also, the right side of the screen (the green side) is a little darker than the left. This is mostly noticeable on screen with white and light grey, which is most of the internet. I bought this specifically for the display, so this is pretty disappointing. 

Anybody else have this issue?20181205_001501.jpg




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December 6th, 2018 04:00



Based on your picture, that LCD panel passes our manufacturer specification for overall color uniformity.

October 16th, 2019 07:00

Yeah me too. Well i'm on the XPS 9560 and this really bugs me. Especially my unit has been through around 6 screen replacement and the problem still persist. I bought this laptop mainly like you, for the screen. Mine also had rainbow like effect. Now that my machine recently out of warranty guess i'm screwed.


Btw you got any solution to this?


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