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22-02-2019 09:00 AM

XPS 9365 locking up when docking to TB16

I have started having issues with my XPS 9365 (13" 2-in-1) and TB 16 dock -- about 20% of the time, when I connect the laptop to the dock, the laptop hangs completely.  Sometimes the video will be frozen still on the laptop, sometimes on the monitor hooked to the dock, sometimes all screens will be blank.  I press the caps lock key and the light no longer responds and I know it's hung. 

I can't tell for sure but it seems to happen when the USB kicks in, since it usually freezes around the time that the USB devices would be detected, maybe 15-30 seconds after plugging it into the laptop (though it also happens without any USB devices plugged into the dock).


Based on checking the event log for "system rebooted without cleanly shutting down first", it seems to have started happening in mid-January -- that's roughly when I updated the BIOS for the laptop (2.4.1) and new firmware for the dock (1.0.2).  I have the latest USB drivers as well (


I called Dell, and after watching the technician change a bunch of irrelevant settings (boot timeout, page file size), he had me try to downgrade the dock firmware back to 1.0.0, but that doesn't work (apparently you can't go back to an older version).  As I've had the dock for more than a year, it's out of warranty, so I've basically been left SOL.  I see a bunch of other threads with recent issues with the TB 16, so I hope this gets sorted out with another firmware or driver update...

7 Posts

06-04-2019 07:00 AM

Looks like it was related to this issue with the USB drivers.  I uninstalled the old drivers and deleted the registry keys mentioned (which is why just uninstalling and reverting the drivers didn't work) and I haven't had it lock up again.  (I'm still on 1803).


Big fat thumbs down to Dell for saying "Dock is out of warranty, buy a new one" 👎 Yeah, I'll buy a new one, but it sure isn't going to be a Dell again.  I'm very disappointed with how they released buggy updates and then hung me out to dry because of the warranty (I bought it right after I bought the very-expensive XPS 2-in-1 and they wouldn't let me combine the warranties or extend the dock warranty).  Dell had always been my go-to, but this all left a very bad taste in my mouth.  Even without the freezing it's always been flaky, with repeated keyboard presses and some USB incompatibilities -- which is why I was gung-ho about trying to update it, in the naïve hope that those issues might have been improved.


More info about the "fix":