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December 4th, 2018 14:00

Finding the size of a snapshot's metadata/diff from origin

I'm new to XtremIO and the tooling, so this is probably a newbie question.

We're creating snapshots of our production databases, and some are long-lived in UAT.

The sysadmin tells me the reporting on the UI for XtremIO tells him that the database sizes basically double the storage for each snapshot - IE 2TB becomes 4TB on the UI.

When we're deleting a snapshot, the physical space used can go from 2.5TB to 2.3TB or similar.  So we know there is a physical cost to each snapshot.  Is there any way to report on the actual space consumed by each snapshot?

This is especially important to us as an older snapshot becomes increasingly different due to age of retention, or due to massive changes our developers might make in indexing, etc on their copies.

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December 5th, 2018 08:00


Im not sure what you mean by the XtremIO UI shows the database size as doubling. From an XtremIO perspective, taking a snapshot of a volume only increases the Overall Efficiency and Thin and Copy Savings metrics. As the snapshot gets mounted and used, unique writes start to take up space, as well as any deltas between the original and this snapshot. In addition the value of Logical Used is reflective of the VSG (volume snapshot group aka the source group and all its copies), so this value is the space used by the volume and all its derived copies.

If you have an X2 array and are running at least version 6.1, we introduced a feature that allows you to view unique physical capacity for each volume, snapshot, or consistency group. This essentially tells you how much unique space a snapshot volume is taking up, which seams to be what you are after. You can find more details in the release notes here To continue using, please upgrade your browser. on page 7 "DRR per Volume Reporting"

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