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July 18th, 2016 11:00

XtremIO restore from RW Snapshot

Any idea when the code will allow users to restore from RW snapshots in the GUI or from the CLI?

Looks like this is not possible today or from RW in general and the guides only talk about the snaps having to be RO. I am in a situation where the snaps are used for backups and thus can't be RO, so the alternative for the future is to take both a RW and RO snap to have this option available.

Another option is to just unmap the production LUNs, map the RW snap LUNs, and call them the "production" LUN moving forward, however the unmap/map process can introduce new device ID's depending on the host OS and I would imagine any CG's would possibly need to be reconfigured as well.


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July 18th, 2016 12:00

Re: "Any idea when the code will allow users to restore from RW snapshots in the GUI or from the CLI?"

Answer - you can do this today by using the "refresh" option in the GUI.

In the GUI, Restore is called out and is enabled only when you have a read-only snapshot taken on a particular volume. However, you can always take a RW snapshot of a volume and later use that snapshot to update the content of the parent volume using the Refresh option (which is what the restore operation would have done). In fact you will notice that there is no restore or refresh option in the CLI or RestAPI - we just call it the 'snap and reassign' command. And using this command, you can choose any source and target volume within the same volume snapshot group (VSG).

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July 18th, 2016 12:00

Thanks Avi,

As soon as I posted this, I tried it from the CG window and saw what you explained above. I was in the other context's at the time and focusing on restore. The terminology is confusing for sure, but now that I have tested it out I know the process. thanks for the post.


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