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12 de abril de 2022 21:00

DELL XPS 15 9510 RTX 3050 TI mobile power is being capped


I have a new dell xps 15 9510 that packs an Intel i 7 11800h processor and an nvidia RTX 3050 ti mobile.

I use this laptop mainly to create 3d content or photo retouching, however given the gorgeous display that it has, I installed cyberpunk 2077 (and patched to 1.5) to give it a try.

With Raytracing active (medium quality) and playing in 1080p the game FPS are about 10-12 when the power charger is plugged in, however when the charger is unplugged there are shor times when there is a boost to about 30 -35 fps... in battery mode (is also worth to say also that the FPS boost just happens when the game is in HDR mode).

How is it possible that for those shorts periods of time the battery mode performance is superior that the AC power mode?

By checking the GPU sensor on HWINFO I can see that on those short periods of time the power consumption of the card is about 25 - 30 watts, whereas usually the power is being capped to 20 watts, is this normal? I mean, I've read that this card is capable of 45 watts, therefore I wonder if there is a setting or driver limiting the power of the card.

The drivers of the RTX card are up to date (game ready driver ver: 511.79) also as are the BIOS firmware of this laptop (1.7) and windows 11 (home edition) drivers.

Do you have an idea of what the problem could it be?

Best regardsScreenshot 2022-04-12 233016.png

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