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Old as Dirt. Using large text everywhere cuz I'm old and blind. Computers before there were personal Computers including HP 2000 HP 3000 DEC PDP 8 DEC PDP 11 VAX 11/780 Computer Knowledge back to before there were Dos machines including Altair, Imsi, Kaypro, ohio scientific. Texas Instruments TI 99/4A Tandy TRS 80, Apple II, Apple IIGS, Apple Lisa, Apple Macintosh. Intel Intellec Blue Box with 4004 CPU then 8008 CPU then 8080 CPU later 8086 cpu. CPM on Dos machine with NEC V20 chip. Dell PC's Limited Turbo 8088, IBM PC one of the first 3000 units ever made. My old school was invented by the people who invented school.
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