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I am a Senior Technologist in the office of CTO, focusing on Dell’s efforts in the DevOps space as well as the open source community. I am also the founder and lead of Project Sputnik, an Ubuntu-based laptop for developers, now in its fourth generation. Besides working with developers, customers, analysts and press I do a fair amount of blogging and tweeting.  I joined Dell in ’09 as Dell’s cloud computing evangelist. Prior to Dell I spent 13 years at Sun Microsystems in a variety of roles from manufacturing to product and corporate marketing.  My last three years there I spent as an Open Source evangelist, avid blogger, and driver of Sun’s GNU/Linux strategy and relationships. Before Sun, I spent a year at Johnson & Johnson consumer products marketing dental floss (remember, you don’t have to floss them all, just the ones you want to keep).  New Jersey winters got the better of me and after the 16th snow storm in one year (literally) I left J&J and relocated to San Francisco. I began my professional career out of college with a four year stint in Tokyo where I worked for Sony working with ISVs for their UNIX-based “NEWS” workstation. Fun Facts to Know and tell about Me Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, I headed east for higher education and attended Williams College and Harvard Business School. Outside the virtual office On the personal side I am an avid father.  Eight years ago, after living in the San Francisco bay area for over a decade our family emigrated to Austin, Texas where we currently happily reside.
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