From the connected car to the connected CIO

With almost 700,000 visitors, the Geneva International Motor Show is a key happening for all those that love cars and technology. Indeed, the models on display are among the best examples of digital transformation.

Therefore, for the 2018 edition, Dell EMC and VMware have decided to discuss the topic inside the Motor Show itself, hosted at the Mercedes Lounge.

Definitely challenging for the many distractions, sounds and lights. But worth it because nothing compares to the “touch & feel” experience of the connected vehicles.

Together with CIOs of companies and organizations operating in different industries, we have identified some key aspects of digital transformation:

  1. Digital transformation happens everywhere, whether we accept it or not – from automotive to healthcare, from banking to insurance, from media to public sector
  2. The reason is that each of us is a “walking data center” – think about laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables
  3. Technology spreads so much because it gets every day more efficient and less expensive – by 2033, we will be able to sequence a genome in 94 seconds, for less than a dollar
  4. Although we are not at “Blade Runner” level yet, we are getting closer and closer – robots might process at the speed of human brain in 15 years, and some can already jump forwards and backwards like Olympic athletes
  5. Switzerland is proudly at the technological frontier – Ypsomed and Swisscom are testing 5G in production
  6. CIOs must transform too, and need a company able to support them at the edge, at the core and at the cloud – Dell Technologies has a lot to share here!

If interested, feel free to download the presentation here and share your thoughts.

We look forward to discussing digital transformation with you, thanks a lot!

Sascha Meier

About the Author: Sascha Meier

Sascha Meier, geb. 1980, ist seit Januar 2007 bei der Dell Technologies und leitet als Director die Systems Engineers (Presales) in der Region Central & North Europe (CNE). In der Rolle des CTO Ambassador ist er für die strategische und technologische Beratung von Kunden in der CNE Region zuständig. Er ist Dipl. Ing. FH in Elektro- und Kommunikationstechnologie, verheiratet und stolzer Vater einer Tochter.