Own Your Work Day With the Latitude 7320 Detachable

What began as “work-from-home” has evolved, for the moment, to “work-from-anywhere.” I think we can all agree that sounds much better than where we started, doesn’t it?

What’s most exciting about this evolution is that it goes beyond the idea of “work.” We are living in a “do-from-anywhere” world – one where we’re not pinned down to any one location for any one activity, where collaboration or connection happens in many forms and from anywhere. Dell Technologies has designed the Latitude 7320 Detachable for this new world, and while there is so much to consider, the company is doubling down on its investments in connectivity, collaboration, sustainability, and security initiatives to enable different use cases.

The Latitude 7320 Detachable is designed for mobile professionals that are driven to grow their business and want a thin and light device, (think executives, real estate agents, business consultants and sales reps). The new Latitude 7320 Detachable is sleek, lightweight, and ready to support your “do-from-anywhere” day.

Kick-off your day like a boss

Picture this. It’s 8a.m. You’re running in the door from dropping the kids off at school and need to jump on a video call. Thankfully, the Latitude 7320 Detachable is packed with the latest bells and whistles, already hard at work before you are. With its presence detection software, Express-Sign-in, (the only commercial detachable in the world[i] with this technology) and its smart kickstand that instantly wakes when powered on, you’re logged in right on time with a quick glance at the device.

Video conferencing will continue to be king and helps us see and connect with colleagues and family That’s why this tablet is packed with advanced 5 MP front-facing, and 8 MP rear-facing cameras with Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) to bring brighter, sharper visuals to video calls so you can have clear picture quality, while on-the-go or in low light. The device also offers advanced connectivity options with Intel Wi-Fi 6, 4G LTE or eSIM capabilities with an integrated WWAN.

Sustainable, smart design

It’s noon. You now need to run to a client meeting and realise that you forgot to charge your stylus pen. No problem. This is easily solved with the world’s fastest charging stylus pen available on a commercial detachable tablet.[ii]. The stylus from the Latitude 7320 charges to 100% within 30 seconds and lasts for up to 90 minutes of continuous usage. That’s fast! How did Dell’s engineers do this? Their focus was to create an “always ready experience” by choosing the right battery technology that charges quickly and paired that with a physical design that allows the pen to charge by contacting the device. Plus, the pen can be stored easily within the device, so it doesn’t get lost. At the meeting, you show up, detach your keyboard so the client can easily see your screen while you control it, and highlight the important info with a ready-to-work pen.

It’s nice outside and you decide to work for a few hours from a coffee shop. Of course, there aren’t any tables available next to a power outlet, but that’s not a problem. The device’s built-in AI software, Dell Optimizer, keeps you focused on what matters while it manages efficiencies like battery life, audio settings and background applications. With all ports and security features in the tablet head, you can enjoy the flexibility of this device and detach without worry. This device also contributes to Dell Technologies’ 2030 sustainability goals with EPEAT Gold registration; waterborne paint on 100 percent of painted parts; and packaging trays that feature ocean-bound plastic (25%) and HDPE recycled plastic (75%).

Powerful, yet cool to the touch

Fast forward and it’s 9 p.m. The kids are asleep and you’re sitting on the couch to finish up work (and catch up on some Netflix). With our “offices” available to us 24/7 these days, it can seem like we are always staring into our screens. With ComfortView Plus low blue light technology and the company’s brightest screen, the Latitude 7320 Detachable eases eye strain and fatigue, delivering the most comfortable viewing experience.

As the first detachable from Dell, it is thermally architected with dual opposite outlet fans and the battery positioned along the bottom of the device, it’s comfortable in anyone’s hands and cool in the most common touch areas. It is the first Intel EVO-verified detachable[iii], and with up to the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 vPro® processors, it offers built-in security features, manageability, and the stability IT needs, while offering 54 per cent more performance than its predecessor[iv]. That is why it’s the world’s most powerful, secure, and serviceable business detachable for enterprise.[v]

What a day. What a device.

The Dell Technologies engineering team did groundbreaking work to design this device, ensuring it was thin, light, and cool to the touch, while also incorporating advanced features you would expect like AI, low blue light tech and more.  We encourage that you to look at the latest tech device you bought and discover a new feature or new experience that may benefit you or help you accomplish more in your day, from wherever you are. After all, that’s what tech should be about.

[i] Based on Dell analysis, October 2020.

[ii] Based on Dell analysis, March 2021. Actual charging times may vary depending on product usage, operating conditions, and other factors.

[iii] Based on Dell analysis, April 2021.

[iv] Based on internal testing, April 2021, comparing a Latitude 7320 vs. previous gen similarly configured with Intel Core i7. Actual results may vary.

[v] Based on Dell analysis, October 2020.

About the Author: Meghana Patwardhan

Meghana Patwardhan is a product management executive with over 13 years of experience in product strategy, definition, go to market and operations. She currently leads the Latitude line of business for Commercial Client Solutions at Dell Technologies. Previously, she led the Precision workstations product management team and the Latitude Product Planning team. She holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from UT Austin and a MBA in Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. In her spare time, you can find her cooking, playing board games, traveling or hiking with her husband and two kids.