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    • Enterprises today have a Multicloud management problem. As cloud technology evolves, IT teams can now take advantage of public, private and edge cloud technologies to optimize IT resources for a wide variety of workloads. But managing these multiple enterprise cloud solutions — each with different tools, processes and skillsets — creates significant challenges ranging from unpredictable costs to security vulnerabilities to added management burden. Unless addressed, these challenges can limit innovation and threaten the ability to scale. 

      APEX offers a platform that simplifies management of hybrid cloud environments, providing a single hub with a consistent management experience across public, private and edge clouds.

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      APEX Data Storage Services is an on-premises, as-a-service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment.*

      *OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies.  

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      Ensure cloud protection and data retention with the #1 Cloud Data Protection and data backup solution for your hybrid cloud.

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      Work with Dell Technologies partners and benefit from the industry’s largest cloud platform hyperscale providers to unlock the potential of your cloud portfolio.

    • The downside of complex cloud technology

    • As cloud offerings have evolved to provide more options and greater flexibility, the complexity of managing them has increased as well. 

      Organizations today work with an average of five cloud providers, adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure comprising public, private and edge cloud solutions. Public clouds offer a wealth of flexible benefits, providing temporary capacity, on-demand resources, access to a wide range of partners and new technologies like serverless computing, blockchain and real-time cloud analytics. Private clouds offer benefits in data locality, governance, security and low-latency performance. And edge cloud platforms decentralize processing to reduce costs, improve security and reduce latency. 

      By identifying the ideal cloud technology and cloud service provider for each workload, an organization can improve application efficiency, reduce costs and take advantage of new services in the public cloud sphere. But because each cloud technology is different, a hybrid cloud infrastructure inherently can lead to a chaotic management experience that adds cost, complexity and risk.  

      In order to reduce the burden of managing a hybrid cloud model and to accelerate business outcomes in a Multicloud environment, organizations are seeking solutions to simplify hybrid cloud operations. That’s where APEX can help.

    • Manage a hybrid infrastructure with APEX

    • APEX uses the power of the Dell Technologies infrastructure to make hybrid cloud environments easier to manage. Built on VMware Cloud Foundation, this Dell Technologies offering features a set of cloud infrastructure solutions that provide a consistent operating model and simplified management across private clouds, public clouds and edge locations. As a result, cloud technology helps reduce barriers to cloud adoption and allows application and business requirements to determine where workloads reside.

      APEX includes:

      • VCF on VxRail. A turnkey platform that lets enterprises run, manage, automate and secure their entire application portfolio across multiple clouds. 
      • Validated Designs. Best-of-breed infrastructure options with pre-tested designs that are interoperable with VCF. 
      • VMware Cloud on Dell. A fully managed Data Center-as-a-Service solution that brings the simplicity and agility of the public cloud to data center and edge locations.
      • Partner Clouds. Access to the world’s largest cloud provider ecosystem with more than 4,200 providers including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

    • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

    • VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail — VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail — is the only jointly engineered HCI system with deep VCF integration, enabling automated lifecycle management that streamlines operations and can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 47%.1 With VCF on VxRail, organizations can run traditional workloads alongside cloud-native, container-based applications for consistent operations.

      Cloud technology from Dell Technologies also enables:

      • A seamless experience. Users can manage clusters and workloads across a hybrid cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass.
      • Built-in security. With data protected at every layer of the stack, organizations can unify security networking policies to quickly and confidently protect, identify, detect, respond and recover.
      • Automated lifecycle management. Integration between VCF and VxRail allows administrators to quickly and securely update and patch from one known good state to the next.
      • Single-vendor support. With Dell Technologies providing comprehensive support, organizations can simplify and streamline support for all hardware and software.

    • Advantages: Innovation. Performance. Cost.

    • With APEX, organizations can:

      • Accelerate innovation with access to elastic capacity for rapid scale up and scale down, providing the right resources at the right time to increase speed to market.
      • Improve security with a single security framework that spans public and private clouds.
      • Enhance cloud economics, optimizing cost structures with workload placement flexibility and avoiding application rework tax, thanks to consistent infrastructure.
      • Improve performance by aligning IT skillsets with cloud resources and allowing teams to work with familiar tools and operating models to boost productivity and mitigate outages.
      • Lower TCO with flexible consumption and payment models, choosing the optimum mix of public, private and edge cloud resources.

    • FAQs: What is hybrid cloud technology?

    • What is hybrid cloud technology?

      Hybrid cloud technology is an IT environment that includes a mix of public cloud, private cloud and edge cloud resources.  

      What are the advantages of hybrid Cloud technology?

      A hybrid cloud provides IT teams with the flexibility to run workloads on the cloud platform that will best increase performance and minimize cost. 

      What are the challenges of managing hybrid cloud technology?

      Because every cloud platform has its own tools and processes, managing multiple cloud resources in a hybrid environment can be complicated and chaotic, increasing operational costs and slowing the pace of innovation. 

      What solutions does Dell Technologies offer for Multicloud technology?

      APEX offers a solution that simplifies management of hybrid clouds, providing a consistent operating model and orchestration tools that can be used across all public, private and edge clouds. 

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