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Support for Business PCs

Support For Business

Dell was once a small company. We get it.

We know you have a business to run and no time for IT issues. That’s why we created the most complete support service in the industry.

With the ProSupport Suite for PCs, Dell is always watching for issues so they don’t turn into costly problems. We’re in this together and it’s a safe bet that if there’s a problem, we’ll call you before you can call us.

ProSupport Plus

Designed specifically for growing businesses needing to focus on strategy, not IT issues. ProSupport Plus for PCs offers everything you get with ProSupport and more. Stay ahead with predictive technology that detects issues before they become problems plus accidental damage repairs for drops, spills and surges and the ability to keep your hard drive and sensitive data should you need a replacement. You’re trying to run a business, let Dell virtually eliminate your unplanned downtime.
  1. No time for downtime

    ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist6 detects hardware issues before they become problems, allowing you to virtually eliminate unplanned downtime due to hardware issues.4

  2. It’s a safe bet, we’ll call you first

    Proactive alerts let you know something has happened and automatically opens a ticket, so you don’t have to play tech support.
    We’ll start resolving the problem before you even have time to call. If you need help, we’ll be at your side, literally, to make the repair.7

  3. Free your time and your mind

    Our in-region ProSupport experts are always awake and standing by 24x7 to help you, no matter where you are in the world or what type of IT issue you’re having.

Support For Business


We know you have a business to run and no time for IT issues. ProSupport Plus gives you 24x7 support, whether you’re at home or in the office. In fact, we’re always watching for issues so they don’t slow you down. You stay focused on growth. We’ll take care of IT.

Help Me Choose

Basic Support
ProSupport Plus
Technical support through phone, chat, and online
Business hours
Hardware (HW) repair to reduce productivity downtime
Next Business Day On-site1
Next Business Day On-site1
Direct access to in-region engineers

Priority Access
Crisis monitoring and management
Single-source software (SW)2 and hardware expertise
Fix problems before they occur (requires SupportAssist)
Automated virus and malware removal (requires SupportAssist)
Service Account Manager3 (SAM) for account reporting and planning
Keep Your Hard Drive (KYHD)


Say goodbye to downtime. SupportAssist is the technology behind the predictive and proactive features of ProSupport and ProSupport Plus, allowing you to virtually eliminate downtime8 and focus on what’s important. We’ll take care of any IT issues.

  • Predictive and proactive5 - SupportAssist technology is constantly looking for anomalies. When it sees an issue or predicts a failure is about to happen, it automatically alerts you and Dell at the same time and proactively creates a ticket. Before you know it, we’re calling you to work through the issue and if you need onsite help, we’ll be there the next business day after the remote diagnosis.
  • Security – It’s important to us and it’s important to you. Therefore only system state info is used for troubleshooting and all information is protected with 256-bit encryption and SSL protocol.

SupportAssist varies depending on plan level.


1On-site service or Advanced Exchange Service after remote diagnosis
(a) On-site service after remote diagnosis is determined by the online or phone technician, and may involve customer access to the inside of the system and multiple extended sessions. If the issue is covered by the Limited Hardware Warranty and cannot be resolved remotely, the technician and/or replacement part will be dispatched, usually in 1 or 2 business days, following the completion of the remote diagnosis. On-site service is provided by Dell Marketing L.P; Availability varies. Other conditions apply.
(b) Advanced Exchange Service repairs or replaces hardware after remote diagnosis. The customer must return the original hardware to Dell according to the rules specified. Advanced Exchange Repair is subject to country availability.
(c) For complete details about On-site Service or Advanced Exchange Repair, see

2Software support with collaborative 3rd party assistance.

3Available for ProSupport Plus customers with 500 or more ProSupport Plus systems.

4Based on a Principled Technologies test report, “Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist warns you about hardware issues so you can fix them before they cause downtime” dated April 2019. Testing commissioned by Dell, conducted in the United States. Actual results will vary.  Full report:  Hardware issues detected by SupportAssist include hard drives, solid state drives and batteries.

5Hard drive retention is not available on models with a soldered hard drive, Chromebooks or Venue tablets, except the Venue 11 Pro.

6SupportAssist not available on Linux, Windows RT, Ubuntu or Chrome based products. SupportAssist automatically detects and proactively alerts Dell to: operating system issues, software upgrades, driver updates and patches, malware, virus infected files, failures of hard drives, batteries, memory, internal cables, thermal sensors, heat sinks, fans solid state drives and video cards. Predictive analysis failure detection includes hard drives, solid state drives and batteries.

7Based on a Principled Technologies test report, “Spend Less Time and Effort Troubleshooting Laptop Hardware Failures” dated April 2018. Testing commissioned by Dell, conducted in the United States. Actual results will vary.  Full report:

8Software support with collaborative 3rd party assistance.

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