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    Cybersecurity enables City of the Future transformation

    • CustomerTown of Gilbert

      IndustryState & Local Government

      LocationUnited States

    • Vision

      The vision of the town of Gilbert is to be the City of the Future. Gilbert invests much time and effort into delivering high-quality digital experiences to its residents. Cybersecurity is a high priority for city managers.

    • Solution

      With an increasing number of government entities and businesses in Arizona facing threats of ransomware and other cyberattacks, the town of Gilbert chose Dell Technologies to help design and implement a sophisticated, multilevel solution to improve its cyber resiliency and backup and recovery capabilities.

    • Impact

      The town of Gilbert used Dell PowerProtect DP series appliances and other Dell Technologies solutions to create a physically isolated, air-gapped vault to secure vital data that is segregated from the town’s network. Gilbert can now confidently deliver an increasing number of services digitally to meet citizen demands.

    • Anthony Bryson, Ph.D., Chief Information Security Officer, Town of Gilbert

      “We view our relationship with Dell Technologies as a true partnership. They are as invested in our success as we are.”

      Head shot of Anthony Bryson
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