• Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

    • Simplify management of hybrid cloud infrastructure

    • A hybrid cloud infrastructure is an ideal option for enterprises seeking to extract the most value from their cloud investments. Combining public, private and edge clouds, a  hybrid cloud enables workloads from traditional and next-generation applications to be run on the optimal platform to improve performance, reduce costs, address geo-specific needs and manage technical requirements.

      Hybrid cloud infrastructure, however, can be enormously complex. The average organization today works with five cloud service providers, resulting in challenges such as complex workload migrations, diverse management tools, operational silos, inconsistent SLAs and uncertain security postures.

      Dell Technologies Cloud combines the power of VMware software and Dell infrastructure to provide simplified management and a consistent operating model hybrid cloud infrastructure. With Dell Technologies Cloud, organizations can unify environments, reduce and maximize the value of cloud investments.

    • APEX Cloud Services

      APEX Cloud Services offer compute and storage resources that enable secure and consistent infrastructure and operations for your workloads across private and public cloud 

    • The complexity of hybrid cloud management

    • Integrating public, private and edge cloud platforms, a hybrid cloud infrastructure is the optimal architecture for enterprises today. While the public cloud offers considerable benefits over traditional IT environments, organizations have realized that adding private and edge clouds to their cloud strategy provides greater flexibility for aligning IT resources with the needs of specific workloads. 

      A public cloud provides a highly scalable compute solution that allows enterprises to avoid the capital expense and resources of purchasing, installing and managing hardware, opting instead for a pay-as-you-go operational expense model. Public cloud offerings provide access to critical technologies like real-time analytics, serverless computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning and many enterprises today rely on multiple public cloud technologies. 

      While enterprises appreciate the agility and scalability of public cloud platforms, many organizations rely on private cloud platforms for applications where security, data locality, data governance and low latency are business critical. The ability of edge cloud solutions to decentralize and distribute processing tasks is enabling organizations to reduce costs and provide more low-latency experiences. 

       As a result, IT teams in many organizations today are managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure that comprises multiple cloud platforms. Each platform has its own tools and processes that require a different set of skills and training needs, creating additional complexity as well as higher costs for management and staff resources. Without a way to unify incompatible silos of infrastructure, hybrid cloud environments can also limit the organization’s ability to scale and innovate. 


    • A consistent experience across hybrid cloud infrastructure

    • Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware provide a platform that simplifies the management of hybrid cloud infrastructure. By providing a single operational hub for a consistent management experience across all clouds, Dell Technologies Cloud reduces complexity and operational costs to help organizations achieve their goals with greater agility, efficiency and speed.

      Dell Technologies Cloud is a set of robust hardware and software offerings along with professional and financial services that help organizations reduce the complexity of hybrid cloud infrastructure. Using familiar VMware Cloud tools combined with reliable Dell Technologies hardware, organizations can focus on innovation by employing a consistent management experience across public, private, and edge cloud platforms.

      With single vendor support and the control of a fully integrated cloud platform, Dell Technologies Cloud enables: 

      • Consistent operations — eliminate silos and cut operations costs with tools that provide a consistent management experience across all clouds.
      • Consistent infrastructure — reduce operational complexity and simplify workload migration with end-to-end, cloud-enabled solutions for storage, servers, data protection, open networking, hyperconverged and cloud IT infrastructure. 
      • Consistent services — develop and execute cloud strategy with help from Dell Technologies experts offering consulting, deployment, support, education and managed services. 

    • Dell Technologies Cloud solutions

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is a suite of solutions that combine the expertise of VMware and Dell Technologies to simplify management and improve the performance of hybrid cloud infrastructure

      • The Dell Technologies Cloud platform, VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail, provides a turnkey solution for a simple path to hybrid cloud and automated infrastructure. As the first hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) system fully integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) SDDC Manager, VxRail delivers automated lifecycle management that can streamline operations and reduce TCO by up to 47%1.
      • Dell Technologies Validated Designs provide best-of-breed infrastructure that is interoperable with VCF and delivered as pre-tested designs for improved performance, faster time-to-value and increased protection of existing investments for hybrid cloud. 
      • VMware Cloud on Dell is a fully managed Data Center-as-a-Service solution that offers on-premises Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities at core data center and edge locations. Combining the speed and flexibility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure, this Dell Technologies offering is installed on a local data center and consumed like a cloud service. 
      • Access to partner clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more than 4,200 others — enables a seamless hybrid cloud experience via subscription, lease or based on usage. 



    • Services built on experience and success

    • Dell Technologies Services provide access to industry experts for strategic guidance and practical capabilities that can help to accelerate time to value and digital transformation. Our services include:

      • Consulting services — prescriptive approaches and proven methodologies to develop strategy and execution for IT, workforce and application transformation. 
      • Deployment services — helping to minimize  complexity and bring new technology investments online faster. 
      • Support services — resolving, detecting and preventing issues with groundbreaking AI-powered technology that redefines the nature of support. 
      • Managed services — helping to minimize the cost, complexity and risk of managing and optimizing IT operations. 
      • Education services — training staff in the skills required to lead and execute transformational strategies to drive competitive advantage. 

    • FAQs: What is a hybrid cloud infrastructure?


      What is a hybrid cloud infrastructure? 

      Hybrid cloud infrastructure is an IT environment that combines public cloud platforms with private cloud services and edge cloud platforms. Hybrid cloud infrastructure provides greater flexibility for managing diverse workloads while improving scalability and reducing costs. 

      What are the challenges of hybrid Cloud infrastructure? 

      Hybrid cloud infrastructure requires IT teams to work with a mix of tools and processes across multiple platforms, adding significant complexity and cost while hindering scalability and limiting the pace of innovation.

      How does Dell Technologies Cloud simplify hybrid cloud environments?

      Dell Technologies Cloud provides a single hub and a consistent management experience across all public, private and edge cloud infrastructure to eliminate operational silos and deliver the benefits of a single-vendor support system. 

    • VMware Cloud on Dell

      A VMware managed on-premesis infrastructure, delivered as-a-service designed to run your most critical business workloads.

    • Cloud Use Cases

      Access the right mix of technology to adapt at speed and unleash exciting new use cases that power your intelligent enterprise.

    • APEX Flex on Demand

      Acquire the technology you need to support your changing business with APEX Flex on Demand. Achieve payments that scale to match your actual usage.