• Data Management

    • Simplify data management with Dell Technologies

    • As data becomes both more voluminous and business-critical, organizations need data management solutions that can fill a broad range of objectives. At a minimum, intelligent data management technology must protect data from loss, compromise, corruption and theft. But data management tools must also reduce the cost and complexity of data storage, archiving and compliance while ensuring high data availability and optimal performance for IT systems. 

      Dell Technologies provides next-generation data backup and protection software, appliances and other solutions that enable businesses large and small to fulfill their data management objectives. 

    • Back up Data with PowerProtect DP Series Appliances

      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

    • The obstacles data management tools must solve

    • Choosing the right solutions enables IT organizations to minimize the burden of data management tasks while solving critical data challenges. 

      Growing data volumes

      The growth of data shows no sign of slowing, thanks to technology trends that include Big Data, the Internet of Things, the rise of video as a communication medium and business applications that are increasingly data-intensive.

      High performance expectations

      Even as data management becomes more voluminous and complex, business reliance on data is greater than ever. Consequently, backup windows are growing smaller, requiring more powerful enterprise backup software and data management solutions that can protect data without impacting application performance.

      Stricter regulation 

      The need to comply with a wide variety of regulation adds yet another layer of complexity and cost to data management.

      Complex IT environments

      Intelligent data systems must not only manage data on-premises but in public, private and hybrid clouds, providing data administrators and decision-makers with a unified view of data across all environments.

      Cost containment pressures

      IT organizations in virtually every industry are pressed to do more with less, requiring data management technology that reduces administrative burden while improving efficiency and automation.

      Multiple, fragmented tools

      Many IT organizations are saddled with a confusing mix of point solutions for data management, with one system for backup and recovery, another for archiving and yet additional solutions for disaster recovery, analytics, virtualized environments and cloud data management. Not only is this approach to data management less efficient and more costly, but it increases the chances for data loss and minimizes the opportunities to extract value from business data.

    • Data management solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell Technologies, a global leader in data protection technologies, provides software, hardware and data management solutions that enable organizations to simplify their data landscape while optimizing workloads and securing data assets. With multiple options for enterprise and SMB data protection solutions, Dell makes data management easier, safer, more efficient and less costly.

      Dell data management technology includes:

      Data protection and backup appliances. Dell Technologies provides scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled appliances that help to protect data and simplify data management, no matter where data resides. Fast to deploy and easy to use, appliances provide protection storage for businesses of every size. 

      Data protection and backup software. PowerProtect Data Manager offers software defined data protection, automation, operational agility, and self-service backup and recovery. It enables organizations to protect their data and achieve governance control for modern cloud workloads across their evolving physical, virtual and cloud environments.

      Data protection and backup solutions. With powerful solutions for cyber recovery, protecting virtualized environments and managing cloud data storage, Dell Technologies delivers data management tools to solve every challenge of protecting data in a quickly evolving business landscape.

    • What makes Dell Technologies a data management leader?

    • Dell data management technology provides significant advantages for IT organizations.

      • Faster backup and recovery. Dell data management solutions significantly accelerate backup and recovery speeds to minimize the impact on system performance.
      • Smaller storage footprints. Advanced deduplication technology helps to reduce the footprint needed for primary and secondary storage, minimizing the cost of storage as well as needed bandwidth.
      • Simple-to-use tools. Dell Technologies provides a single, unified data management solution with centralized monitoring, analysis and reporting across primary and secondary storage.
      • Cloud-enabled technology. Dell solutions enable data management over any mix of on-premises and cloud environments, simplifying backup of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle workloads.
      • Massive scalability. Data management technology from Dell enables organizations to scale quickly, easily and cost-efficiently to meet data protection needs.
      • Self-service options. Dell solutions like PowerProtect software and hardware empower data owners to backup, recover and control more of their own data.
      • SaaS-based management. SaaS-based tools make it easy to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot data management issues over a distributed environment.
      • Modern services-based architecture. Dell Technologies makes it easy to deploy, scale and upgrade with an architecture that supports rapid evolution to meet future demand.

    • What’s your cost for data management with Dell Technologies?

    • Use the Dell Technologies cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to determine your potential savings by switching to Dell data management solutions.

      Your cost-to-protect is the cost of protecting data on a monthly basis and is based on your gigabytes stored, the cost of your data protection solution, the number of months supported by your purchase and other criteria.

    • FAQs: Data management

    • What is data management?

      • Data management comprises a variety of tasks, including: 
      • Protecting data from loss, corruption and theft.
      • Designing and implementing architecture for data storage and protection.
      • Archiving inactive data to long-term retention.
      • Ensuring data is used, managed and retained in compliance with regulations.
      • Optimizing tools and storage to minimize the cost of using and storing data.

      What is archiving?

      Data archiving is the task of moving inactive but important data from costly primary storage to more cost-efficient secondary storage. Archived data often includes information that must be kept for historical records, compliance purposes or future reference.

      Does Dell Technologies provide data management solutions for virtualized environments?

      Yes. Dell Technologies delivers simple and powerful data management capabilities for VMware environments on-premises and in the cloud. Solutions deliver automation, high performance, superior deduplication, lower bandwidth usage, integration with VMware and comprehensive coverage for large application ecosystems.

      Does Dell Technologies provide data management technology for cloud environment?

      Yes. Dell Technologies offers solutions for cloud disaster recovery and long-term retention in the cloud for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

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