• Workforce Portal

    • Workforce Portal Technologies – Get to Know Your Options

    • The first step in choosing the right workforce portal solution is to familiarize yourself with the options, as well as the options within those options. There’s a lot to consider, so often times it makes sense to start with choosing your partner. Dell Technologies offers a broad range of innovative options for the digital workplace, and we support them all with an array of award-winning services spanning every aspect of the solution lifecycle, all delivered with the experience of countless projects.

    • Remote Work

      Remote workforce and collaboration solutions enable employees to work from home and keep projects on track.

    • Your VDI Workforce Portal is Ready to Go

    • Ready Architectures and Quickstart Bundles for VDI put the transformative power of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure within immediate reach for your workforce portal. These validated and optimized solutions make it possible to start reaping the many security, performance and productivity advantages of VDI faster than ever before. With access to a comprehensive array of remote desktop technologies, solutions and services, you’ll be able to custom tailor a virtual workspace that delivers high levels of performance to every user and an astonishing amount of efficiency to your workday. If you need to deploy fast, Quickstart Bundles for VDI combine VxRail with VMware Horizon. Need faster? Our award-winning deployment and support services will have you up and running with all the benefits quicker than you can say VDI.

      • Streamlined. Centrally manage your workforce portal from any location.
      • Easily Scalable. Ship devices directly to new users, log them in remotely. Done.
      • Connected. Unite remote workers with tools for communication and collaboration.
      • Powerful. Give your mobile workforce access to all the performance they need.
      • Inherently Secure. Data and files never leave the data center.
      • Leading-Edge. Wyse thin clients, VxRail, vSAN Ready Nodes and many other leading technologies.

    • Checklist for Adding a User to Your Workforce Portal

    • Dell Technologies has workforce portal solutions that check every box.

      • Device Corporate laptop or user owned?
      • Accessories Do they need a headset, printer, etc. to their job?
      • Software What apps do they need?
      • Endpoint Security How will the device be monitored and validated?
      • Data Security Will it access the network? Is local encryption possible?
      • User Bandwidth Does user have ample bandwidth at their connected workspace?
      • Hub Bandwidth Does the hub have enough bandwidth for multiple new users?
      • Infrastructure Capacity Can your VPN and VDI/RDS/DaaS platform handle more demand?
      • Support Do you have the technical capability to provide remote support?

    • Maximize Efficiency with a Unified Workforce Portal

    • Comprehensive and fully integrated, Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is the industry’s first workforce portal solution that enables remote management and support of all end-point devices through the cloud with the highest levels of security.

      • Hands-Off Deployment. Systems are factory provisioned via VMware Workspace ONE, then sent directly to remote employee s saving you as much as two hours per set up.
      • Layers of Security. Dell SafeBIOS: Guards the layers below the OS. Trusted Access: Non-stop monitoring and validation of the device, user, network and applications. Dell SafeData: Endpoint encryption. DellSafeGuard and Response: Comprehensive threat management.
      • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Provide remote device and account management for most any system, OS or application.
      • Smarter Support. ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist aggregates insights from the device, application and user to accelerate issue resolution.
      • PCasaService. Bundle hardware and software to manage costs over the entire PC lifecycle.

    • Yes, You Can Build a Workforce Portal to the Cloud

    • There was a time that to do a cloud migration properly you needed to go all in. That meant lots of money, tons of planning, and a strong stomach for causing disruption. Fortunately, today with Dell Technologies hybrid cloud solutions, you can incrementally add cloud capabilities to your existing infrastructure and migrate at a pace that’s in step with the growth of the business. And because you’ll be retaining familiar technologies, you’ll be able to migrate your workforce portal to the cloud with minimal disruptions while continuing to realize return from previous investments.

      At the core of Dell Technologies hybrid cloud solutions is VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail. It is a complete, unified, automated, Multicloud solution that simplifies management and operations with a common interface. In other words, you’ll always be free to add whichever cloud best meets your needs without having to worry about incompatibility or the complexity of managing multiple clouds. Best of all, by blending CapEx and OpEx over time, you’ll essentially transform a huge transformation into a budget-friendly ongoing project. So yes, you can build your workforce portal all the way up to the cloud. Why not start today?

    • Building a Connected Workplace and Remote Workforce

      Dell Technologies collaboration solutions enable companies to build and support a digital connected workplace.

    • Work from Home Services

      Accelerate employees’ productivity and collaboration from home with Dell Work from Home Solutions.

    • Remote Worker Solutions

      New Dell Latitude family is designed to start up, charge and connect faster to improve your work productivity.