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    Unlock the value of data

    • Analytics Solutions

    • Harness the power of analytics to drive competitive advantage with Dell Technologies solutions, designed to simplify deployment of analytics projects and protect your data.

    • Create business differentiation with data, your most valuable asset

    • Validated Designs for Analytics

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      Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud Base

      Data management and multi-function analytics for on-premises IT environments.

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      Data Lakehouse Self-service analytics for on-prem/co-lo data lakehouses, supporting business intelligence and ML for all types of data.

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      DataStax for Cassandra NoSQL

      Modernize applications, consolidate and scale databases across data centers, cloud and edge.

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      Edge Analytics for Industry 4.0

      Leverage the power of data and edge-based analytics with Kafka and Confluent to drive greater efficiencies.

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      Predictive maintenance with Splunk

      Leverage a data‑driven model for predictive analytics.

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      Real-Time Data Streaming

      Optimized real-time data processing infrastructure allows modular integration from edge ingestion to analytical results.

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      rENIAC Data Engine on Cassandra NoSQL

      Reduce performance bottlenecks on existing databases while accelerating performance with an open source database.


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      Spark on Kubernetes

      Speed up large-scale batch and streaming data processing.

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      Splunk Enterprise

      Scalable analytics platform to turn machine data into actionable business insights.

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    • Server Solutions

      Server Solutions

      PowerEdge servers provide unprecedented performance for analytics deployments and are building blocks designed to start, scale or consolidate analytics deployments.

    • Primary Storage Solutions

      Data Storage Solutions

      Consolidate all your mission-critical data to deliver high-performance availability, minimize outages and reduce storage requirements for large data footprints.

    • Unstructured Data Storage Solutions

      Streaming Data Platform

      Enhance data consolidation with a streaming data solution that ingests, stores and analyzes streaming data of all kinds—in real-time, at any scale.

    • Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

      Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

      Realize greater IT agility and simplified infrastructure lifecycle management with turnkey integrated systems that accelerate time to value through flexible, pre‑validated HCI building blocks.

    • Data Protection and Backup Solutions

      Data Protection and Backup Solutions

      Experience direct control over backup and recovery processes, enabling self‑service without loss of visibility for on-premises and Multicloud deployments.

    • Open Networking

      Cyber Recovery Solutions

      Protect critical data from cyberattacks and ransomware, identify suspicious activity and perform data recovery with easy‑to‑deploy management and automation software.