Design solutions, test cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate with experts.

    • Hubs for innovation and expertise

      As data analytics, HPC and AI converge and technology evolves, Dell Technologies' worldwide HPC & AI Centers of Excellence evaluate new technologies and share best practices. In working with the HPC Community, Dell HPC & AI Centers of Excellence create a network of resources based on the wide-ranging experience of technology developers, service providers and industry subject matter experts.

      • High speed data analytics help you discover new ways to process, visualize and predict future needs
      • AI, machine and deep learning expertise, best practices, testing and tuning on a wide array of the latest technologies to optimize results
      • Visualization, modeling and simulation of complex data sets using a range of high powered visual computing solutions across multiple locations
      • Performance analysis, optimization and benchmarking help point you to the right technology for the right application and to optimize application performance
      • System design, implementation and operation together with monitoring and I/O benchmarking help avoid performance bottlenecks, decrease power and cooling needs, and address reliability and resilience issues
    • HPC & AI Centers of Excellence

      An expert network of resources providing thought leadership, testing new technologies, and sharing best practices

    • Arizona State University Research Computing

      ASU Research Computing provides faculty, staff, students and collaborators with custom research technology solutions to explore questions across disciplines at the most innovative university in the U.S.

    • San Diego Supercomputing Center for HPC

      San Diego Supercomputing Center

      SDSC provides HPC computational resources, services, and expertise to accelerate AI research and discovery in academia, industry and government.

    • Texas Advanced Computing Center for AI advancements

      Texas Advanced Computing Center

      The center’s mission is to enable discoveries that advance science and society through the application of advanced computing technologies.

    • Durham University Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC)

      Durham University Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC)

      The ICC team supports world-leading and world-changing research across the frontiers of astronomy and cosmology, pushing boundaries and fostering partnerships across geographies and sectors.

    • Cambridge Dell Intel Centre for data analytics and deep learning

      Cambridge Open Exascale Lab

      Where the world’s most advanced technology companies and leading HPC experts come together to answer the considerable problems facing the design of exascale systems.

    • University of Pisa Competence Centre cluster computing, machine learning research

      University of Pisa Competence Centre

      The Cloud and HPC Competence Centre allows university researchers to share and power their work, and visitors to get insights into the latest infrastructure technology.

    • Supercomputing Wales

      Providing access to powerful computing facilities to undertake high-profile science and innovation projects within Cardiff University, Swansea University, Bangor University and Aberystwyth University.

    • Centre for HPC in South Africa cutting-edge infrastructure research

      Centre for High Performance Computing in South Africa

      The Centre’s primary objective is to enable South Africa to become globally competitive with high-performance cyberinfrastructure.

    • AI Experience Zones

      Curious about AI and what it can do for your business? Run demos, try proofs of concept, and pilot software in Australia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and India.

      Contact your sales representative for access.

    • Resources

      Information to help fuel the next quantum leap in human progress

    • HPC Resources at Dell EMC

      HPC Resource Center

      HPC Solutions

    • Technical documentation

      See performance results, reference architectures and blogs from engineering.

    • Virtual Rack

      See select HPC systems in the virtual rack.

    • Join the Dell HPC Community

      A worldwide technical forum that fosters the exchange of ideas.