Campus Safety & Cybersecurity Transformation

Boost physical safety as well as safeguard both infrastructure, data and privacy in higher education

Dell Technologies is addressing both physical security needs as well as increasing cybersecurity threats with solutions to safeguard campus safety, infrastructure, data and privacy.

Improve campus safety and protect networks and data with Dell Technologies solutions

  • Boost campus safety with video surveillance
  • Safeguard user devices and data from unwanted malware attacks
  • Leverage threat intelligence and analytics to prevent attacks and emerging threats

Campus safety and cybersecurity transformation offerings for higher education

Strengthen campus defenses and better protect networks, data and privacy, with the help of Dell Technologies higher education solutions.

Threat and intrusion protection

Threat and intrusion protection

Dell Technologies offers higher education powerful, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions and industry-leading governance, risk and compliance tools.

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Endpoint security

Endpoint security

Securing client endpoints — user workstations, laptops, tablets or other devices — from malware and phishing attacks is critical to higher-education cybersecurity.

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Threat intelligence and analytics

Threat intelligence and analytics

SecureWorks, part of Dell Technologies, can provide threat intelligence and analytics from surveillance of attacks and emerging threats. It analyzes these attacks for trends and techniques, helping universities to proactively defend against new exploits.

Safeguard the reputation of your institution by addressing increasing campus and cybersecurity threats

University & college leaders work with Dell Technologies to overcome the biggest threats to their campus, students, employees and IT infrastructure. Strengthen campus physical and cyber defenses and better protect networks, data and privacy.

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