• Backup Systems

    • Solve data protection challenges with Dell backup systems

    • Data protection has never been more difficult than it is today. The exponential growth of business data combined with evolving threats, stricter regulations, tighter SLAs and constrained budgets makes the task of protecting business data far more complex with each passing year. To improve data protection while simplifying management and reducing costs, Dell Technologies offers backup systems that provide comprehensive backup software and storage solutions for powerful data backup, recovery and archiving.

    • Data Replication and Recovery with Data Protection Suite

      Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution for organizations of all types and sizes.

      Data Replication and Recovery with Data Protection Suite
    • Designing backup systems for complex environments

    • When selecting and configuring backup systems, IT organizations must find solutions that can address a number of obstacles.

      The volume of data that must be backed up continues to grow at exponential rates, thanks to the rise of Big Data, the Internet of Things and other data-intensive technologies and applications. There are also more users, devices and applications to protect than ever before – solutions must cover everything from laptop backups to continuous replication and long-term cloud retention. And control of data is more democratized, making it harder to centrally manage data backups.

      Massive distribution of data across physical, virtual and cloud environments requires backup systems that can function effectively in hybrid and multicloud environments. Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving, adding additional requirements for managing and demonstrating compliance.

      IT organizations also face enormous pressure to reduce costs while maintaining agility and enabling shorter business cycles, requiring backup systems that offer shorter backup windows and minimal impact on network performance.

      Many organizations have legacy backup systems that use multiple point solutions, creating data silos and integration issues while also increasing the odds that data may be lost or corrupted when backup settings are misconfigured.

      To protect data from loss, corruption, theft and attack, today’s backup systems must significantly streamline management, minimize complexity, simplify compliance and increase the efficiency of all aspects of data backup and protection. That’s where Dell data protection solutions can help.

    • Dell backup systems: simple, powerful, cost-effective

    • Dell data protection solutions provide comprehensive and easy-to-use tools for backup, recovery, data replication, cloud disaster recovery and long-term retention and low cost-to-protect. With Dell backup systems, you can back up data and protect it from edge to core to cloud while taking advantage of policy-driven automation to simplify data protection tasks.

      Dell backup systems can help you secure and protect your data no matter where it resides.

      Backup software
      Dell backup systems are powered by comprehensive data protection software that enables you to protect, archive and recover mission-critical workloads no matter where your data lives. Dell data protection software enables fast backups and recovery for mission-critical applications. Dell simplifies the backup process, making it easier to access best-in-class replication, backup and archive solutions customized for your needs. This industry-leading software enables you to:

      • Perform deduplication backup, backup to disk, back-up to tape and snapshot-based backup.
      • Get comprehensive backup monitoring, analysis and reporting.
      • Back up data and applications within the public cloud and manage secure long-term retention of backups to the cloud.

      Industry-leading appliances
      Dell provides a wide range of data protection and backup appliances including protection storage, integrated appliances and software-defined solutions that can run in the cloud.

      • PowerProtect DP series appliances, formerly Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) are a converged solution with a single appliance that offers complete backup, recovery, replication, restore, deduplication and instant access, plus cloud accessibility with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud. PowerProtect DP series appliances enable fast and easy deployment with a low cost-to-protect.
      • PowerProtect DD series appliances are industry-leading, scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliance, allowing you to protect your data wherever it lives in the most efficient way possible. DD series backup appliances reduce the amount of disk storage required and enable complete backups in less time with faster and more reliable restores.
      • PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition is a software-defined solution that can be configured and deployed in minutes and provides flexible capacity that can scale easily, enabling you to deploy capacity in multiple instances on standard hardware, converged or in the cloud.

      Data protection solutions
      Additional data protection and backup solutions from Dell include:

      • PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, a powerful defense against cyberattacks that features easy-to-deploy management software that automates workflows end-to-end, identifies suspicious activity, protects critical data and performs recovery when needed.
      • Data Protection for VMware that provides easy integration with VMware, along with automated and comprehensive coverage for the largest application ecosystem, on-premises and in the cloud.
      • Cloud data protection and backup solutions that make it easy to back up servers to cloud storage and ensure data is secure in the cloud while supporting digital transformation to the cloud with cloud disaster recovery, long-term retention and in-cloud backup.

    • Future-Proof backup systems provide guaranteed satisfaction

    • As technology evolves at an ever-increasing pace, IT organizations are often reluctant to invest in backup systems that could be ineffective or inadequate within a year or two. The Dell Future-Proof Program provides peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future changes in technology.

      The program provides a three-year satisfaction guarantee along with the ability to trade in existing or competitive systems for credit toward Dell backup systems. IT organizations also enjoy predictable support guidance, all-inclusive software, flexible consumption models, data protection deduplication guarantees, and more.

    • Calculating your cost-to-protect with backup systems

    • IT organizations everywhere are under increasing pressure to contain the cost of backup systems while improving performance and managing shrinking backup windows. Dell backup systems support these objectives by reducing the cost-to-protect – the expense involved in protecting data on a monthly basis.

      Dell Technologies offers a simple cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator that can help you determine your projected savings with Dell backup systems. Projections are based on gigabytes stored, cost of your data protection solution, the months supported by purchase and other criteria.

    • FAQs

    • What are backup systems from Dell Technologies?
      Dell backup systems provide comprehensive solutions that include software, storage, integrated appliances, cyber recovery and backup for virtualized and cloud environments.

      What types of backup do Dell backup systems support?
      Dell backup systems support a variety of backup configurations:

      • Deduplication backup
      • Backup to disk
      • Snapshot-based backup
      • Continuous replication
      • Backup to tape

      What’s included in Dell backup software?
      Dell Data Protection Suite comprises several essential applications:

      • PowerProtect Data Manager, software-defined, flexible data protection and compliance across applications and cloud-native IT environments.
      • Avamar, deduplication backup software the delivers fast, daily full backups and single-step data recovery.
      • NetWorker, delivering centralized backup and recovery that bridges traditional and next-generation workloads to safeguard information across the data center.

      • RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines,
        providing continuous data protection (CDP) for operational and disaster recovery.
      • Data Protection Advisor, offering unified and automated monitoring, analysis and reporting across backup and recovery environments.
      • Search, providing unified index, search and recovery capabilities that yield fast, specific and accurate results.

      How do Dell backup systems help reduce costs?
      Dell backup systems help to deliver low cost-to-protect in multiple ways.

      • More efficient deduplication means a smaller and less expensive storage footprint is required for backing up data.
      • Powerful automation capabilities reduce the amount of manual resources required to manage Dell backup systems.
      • Interoperability and scalability of Dell backup systems reduce the number and cost of backup systems that must be deployed to protect data.
      • Faster deployment and simpler administration reduce the IT staff time needed to maintain backup systems.
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      Explore PowerProtect Appliances

      PowerProtect appliances provide midsize and enterprise organizations with data backup, recovery and replication.

    • Explore Dell EMC Data Protection

      Explore Data Protection

      Protect the business value of your data with industry-leading data protection solutions from Dell.

    • Back up and Recover Data with Dell EMC PowerProtect DD

      Back up and Recover Data with PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.