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    • Secure VMs with VMware recovery solutions

    • The vast majority of workloads today run on VMware virtual machines (VMs), making VMware backup and VMware recovery solutions essential to data protection programs for organizations large and small. But using legacy solutions for VMware recovery is problematic, as most backup and recovery technologies are not ready for the software-defined data center (SDDC). Too often these existing solutions are unnecessarily complex, inflexible and expensive, making it impossible to scale up as the volume of data in virtualized environments continues to expand. And with limited possibilities for automation, existing technologies tend to make VMware recovery more complex and inefficient rather than simpler and faster.

      For organizations seeking technologies that are optimized for VMware backup and VMware recovery, Dell offers best-of-breed data protection appliances and software designed for seamless VMware integration. 

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      PowerProtect Software offers data management, data protection, deduplication, and self-service backup and recovery.

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    • Advantages of VMware recovery with Dell

    • Dell delivers powerful enterprise and SMB data protection for VMware environments on premises and in the cloud. To simplify data protection for IT teams and vAdmins, Dell automates VMware backup and VMware recovery tasks while providing comprehensive coverage for a large application ecosystem. Delivering higher performance, superior deduplication and lower bandwidth usage, Dell backup and recovery solutions for VMware ultimately enable organizations to significantly lower their cost to protect workloads in virtualized environments.

      Dell VMware recovery solutions enable IT teams and vAdmins to:

      • Modernize the data center and VMware environments with comprehensive data protection solutions. Dell VMware recovery technology scales elegantly without overhead and reduces network usage significantly.
      • Automate processes across the entire stack, delivering high performance, low TCO, fast backups and high deduplication for VMware.
      • Transform IT environments with solutions architected for SDDC and the hybrid cloud, with faster backup client direct protection for IO-intensive, high change-rate mission-critical apps.

    • Additional features of VMware recovery technology

    • VMware recovery solutions from Dell not only provide end-to-end data protection for VMware environments but comprehensive data protection as well.

      Continuous data protection enables any-point-in-time recovery as well as automated provisioning, integrated vCenter management and orchestration, and software-based local and remote replication of VMs.

      Search and restore capabilities using a web browser deliver a Google-like search experience, with metadata and full-context index search of backup data and filters that deliver more exact search results.

      Proactive monitoring provides a comprehensive view of data protection environments, along with notification of unprotected VMs and analytics, reporting and root cause analysis.

      Integration with PowerProtect DD appliances reduce backup times, backup storage and network bandwidth significantly.

    • What sets Dell VMware recovery apart?

    • VMware recovery from Dell offers significant benefits for IT teams and vAdmins.

      • Cloud readiness. VMware backup and VMware recovery technologies provide seamless protection for all phases of the journey to the cloud, including data protection for in-cloud workloads, disaster recovery and long-term cloud retention.
      • Superior performance. Industry-leading performance enables efficient and fast data protection.
      • Greater automation. VMware recovery provides automation across the entire VMware protection stack, enabling more efficient and fast data protection, simplified management and significant cost savings.
      • Familiar interfaces. IT and vAdmins can manage data protection using the VMware interfaces they already know and are comfortable with.
      • Instant access. End-users have fast access to backed up VMs through PowerProtect DD and IDPA.
      • Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS. Dell provides VMware-certified data protection for VMware Cloud on AWS, including enterprise-grade cloud data protection, best-in-class deduplication and an integrated management tool for on-premises and cloud workloads.
      • Multi-tenant workloads. Support for multi-tenant workloads makes possible the development of multiple-site resilience and allows organizations to utilize Dell data protection in a DPaaS consumption model.

    • FAQs: what is VMware recovery?

    • What is VMware?
      VMware is a leading provider of cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. The company was one of the first to successfully virtualize the x86 architecture.

      What is VMware backup and VMware recovery?
      VMware backup and VMware recovery are data protection tasks that involve replicating data in a virtualized environment to a backup or secondary storage site and restoring that data to the original VMware environment when it has been lost, deleted or corrupted.

      Does Dell offer VMware recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS?
      Yes. With Dell, customers using VMware Cloud on AWS can move to the cloud with confidence, knowing they can easily protect VMware cloud workloads while simplifying administration and minimizing the total cost of ownership.

      Does Dell offer backup and recovery for Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and IBM technology?
      Yes. In addition to VMware recovery, Dell offers technology that is ideally suited to provide Oracle backup and recovery as well as SAP, IBM and Microsoft SQL backup software and hardware.

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      Discover PowerProtect Software

      PowerProtect Software offers data management, data protection, deduplication and self-service backup and recovery.

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      Back up Data with Integrated Data Protection Appliance

      Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) offers complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

    • Back up and Recover Data with Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series

      Back up and Recover Data with PowerProtect DD Series

      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.