• Data Center Power and Cooling Solutions

    • Boost your Data Center performance with Power and Cooling Solutions.

      PowerEdge servers are designed with Smart Cooling technology which sustains the best performance while reducing the carbon footprint of your data center. Learn how Dell has shipped more DLC servers than any other server OEM.*

    • Smart Cooling Evolved

      PowerEdge servers incorporate power and cooling solutions to reduce operational costs and lower your IT environmental impact. 

    • Air Cooling

      System design
      Developed through extensive modeling based on advanced CFD tools

      Multi-vector cooling
      Intelligently adapts to changing environments and configurations

      Power and thermal management tools
      Provides the ability to monitor and set system parameters and behaviors

    • Direct Liquid Cooling

      Superior thermal management
      5x the cooling capacity than air flow

      Leak Sense technology
      Intelligently detects and alerts

      Forward thinking
      Future proofs your data centers

    • Immersion Cooling

      Single phase immersion
      Mature solution leveraging oil-based fluids

      Custom solutions offered by OEM
      Successfully deployed globally

    • Reuse & recycle

      • Our robust take back process gives us a lot of material that we can reuse to make new parts for new products.
      • PowerEdge servers contain up to 35% recycled material.
      • Internal components such as latches, air shrouds and casings now use recycled plastics.
      • We limited the use of paints and coatings on PowerEdge, by no longer painting the front end of the server, the hard drive carriers or the rear handles.
      • Multi-pack shipping solutions will help us reduce the individual packaging needs of each server by allowing several products to be shipped in the same box.
      • We’re will include even more recycled/renewable material in future generations as we work toward our 2030 Moonshot goal of having our products made with at least 50% recycled or renewable material.