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      With more employees now working from home, we are standing by to help you provide uninterrupted system productivity and a seamless end-user experience. Whether you need a little support or a lot. Support Technologies Services extend your IT team, enabling you to address issues before they impact your business. A strong foundation of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics will change the way you look at saving time and increasing availability.

    • WHAT WE DO

    • HOW WE DO IT

      • Support Services are built on a foundation of leader artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics.
      • Extend and enable your IT team, addressing issues before an impact to your business.
      • Take the “break” out of “break-fix."
      • Anticipate, getting ahead of disruptions by making data-driven decisions.
      • Empower, providing support remotely including optimizations and updates to BIOS, drivers and firmware.
      • Perform, delivering a hassle-free experience with AI-driven proactive and predictive support.
    • Support Services

      From beginning your IT journey or have data centers around the globe; you need a services partner that has local expertise to global capabilities. 

    • Enterprise Support Services

      ProSupport Enterprise Suite

      IDC discusses why they believe IT leaders should closely assess their support investment, as focusing only on reducing this spend can lead to an overall increase in the costs associated with IT operations, while companies who have support contracts on their servers, storage and network devices ultimately save 634 hours of downtime annually.

    • Dell Technologies: TSIA STAR Awards Winner 2020

      Optional Support Services for Enterprise

      Optional Support Services for Enterprise complement the ProSupport Enterprise Suite to provide support proficiencies that are critical for modern data center operations.

    • ProSupport Enterprise Suite

      Automatic issue detection and predictive analytics for issue prevention with access to hardware and software experts 24x7x365.

    • Business Client Services

      ProSupport Suite for PCs

      Automatic issue detection and notification and predictive analysis for issue prevention, with priority access to ProSupport engineers 24x7x365 for hardware and software expertise.

    • Accidental Damage Service for Client Device

      Accidents Happen. Protect the productivity of every PC from drops, spills and other disasters with repair or replacement.

    • Keep Your Hard Drive

      Maintain control of your valuable data and assets by keeping your failed hard drive when a replacement hard drive is delivered.  

    • PC as-a-Service

      Simplify PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one all-encompassing solution.

    • Advanced Support for Software

      Receive direct access to a dedicated, highly trained security software expert who will act as your technical advocate to provide personalized support including customized communication plans, health checks and more.

    • Dell Technologies: TSIA STAR Awards Winner 2020

      Support Services for Home PCs

      Premium Support Plus

      24x7 access to expert hardware and software support, help with setting data backup, parental controls and more.

    • Accidental Damage Service

      Protection for everyday challenges like drops, falls and other collisions, with fast repair or replacement for liquid spilled on or in unit.

    • Services Technology

      Take the guesswork out of managing support and services with data-driven technologies

    • Not all IT organizations are built the same

      World-class companies all over the globe trust us to support their infrastructure solutions and keep them running all day, every day for the past 25 years. With the experts, insights, and ease you get from Support Services, you’ll always be prepared for whatever comes next — no matter what. That’s a responsibility we are proud to have and to do well.

    • Awards & Review

    • 2022 TSIA STAR Awards Winner: Dell Technologies

      2022 Best Practices in Field Service

    • 2022 TSIA STAR Awards Winner: Dell Technologies

      2022 Innovation in Leveraging Analytics for Service Excellence

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    • *Based on a Principled Technologies report, “Diagnose and resolve a hard drive issue in less time with Dell ProSupport Plus” May 2020. Testing commissioned by Dell, conducted in the United States. Actual results may vary. Full report: http://facts.pt/ddv0ne9