• Dell EMC Cloud Storage Solutions for Unstructured Data

    Cloud Storage Services for Unstructured Data

    • Raise the bar for cloud storage

      Dell Technologies provides a wide range of choices for private, multicloud and native cloud storage services for unstructured data. Our cloud services extend the capabilities of Dell PowerScale, the world's most flexible1 and secure2 scale-out NAS solution - such as performance at-scale, operational efficiency and management simplicity to the cloud. We enable enterprises to deploy the most suitable offering with cloud economics. Now organizations can deploy OneFS in the public cloud where they can take advantage of advanced services of AWS. Options we provide to our customers range from directly connecting to cloud for multicloud agility, deploying as an APEX as-a-service portfolio of elastic storage resources to a software-defined public cloud offer.

    • Maximize business outcomes with our file and object cloud services

      • Take advantage of enterprise-grade data services and security​ of OneFS in a public cloud.
      • Store and manage your object data at public cloud-like scale.
      • Achieve operational agility that’s greater than a single cloud.
      • Facilitate seamless data mobility between on-prem and cloud.
      • Gain data insights and move data between your data center and the cloud.
    • Cloud storage services for file and object data

      Dell Technologies offers a range of cloud services which extend the value of scale-out storage into the cloud.

    • enterprise cloud storage services – cloud data

      Simplify journey to public cloud with software-defined OneFS

      Use APEX File Storage for AWS in the same way as you are using your PowerScale on-premises to enable the simplicity and flexibility of a true multicloud design while always maintaining control of your data.

      APEX File Storage for AWS allows organizations to seamlessly move their data between on-premises and the cloud by using native replication without a need to make any changes to the storage architecture. They can streamline operations and simplify management with consistent user experience, and retire committed cloud spending to control costs.

      This customer managed solution is designed for use cases such as hybrid cloud where traditional IT workloads such as archive, backup, file shares and directories are seamlessly moved to the cloud, and for cloud burst where compute-intensive workloads including M&E, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Analytics and AI/DL can get a performance boost.

    • Multi-cloud - cloud data storage services

      Directly connect to the clouds of your choice

      Multicloud Data Services, enabled by Faction, allow users to connect their file and object storage, consumed as-a-service, directly to public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud through a high-speed, low latency connection. This service provides multicloud agility with zero data gravity as data stays independent of the cloud. By being able to switch easily between the clouds to use native services, users can avoid vendor lock-in, mitigate risk and choose the right cost/performance ratio of a cloud service for each workload. 


      Streamline your cloud journey

      Simplify your transition to the cloud with seamless data mobility and operational consistency by offering software-defined high-performance scale-out file storage in AWS.