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      Bring high bandwidth to your storage network with Connectrix switches. Connectrix B-Series and  Connectrix MDS Series offer you a range of enterprise, departmental, edge switches and top-of-rack switches for small to large enterprise environments.  All the switch models below support NVMe/FC.

      Connectrix Switches available:

      • DS-6610B: Up to 24 ports, 32Gbps max
      • DS-6620B: Up to 64 ports, 32Gbps max
      • DS-6630B: Up to 128 ports, 32Gbps max
      • DS-7720B: Up to 64 ports, 64Gbps max
      • DS-7730B: Up to 128 ports, 64Gbps max
      • MP-7810B: Up to 12 32Gbs ports and six 1/10 GigE ports
      • MP-7850B: Up to 24 64Gb/s ports plus 16 25 GigE and two 100 GigE ports
      • MDS-9132T: Up to 32 ports, 32Gbps max
      • MDS-9148T: Up to 48 ports, 32Gbps max
      • MDS-9396T: Up to 96 ports, 32Gbps max
      • MDS-9124V: Up to 24 ports, 64Gbps max
      • MDS-9148V: Up to 48 ports, 64Gbps max
      • MDS-9396V: Up to 96 ports, 64Gbps max
      • MDS-9220i: Up to 12 32Gbps FC ports, and four 1/10, two 25 and one 40 GigE ports

Connectrix Switches

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