Analytics Solutions

Analytics Solutions

Harness the power of analytics to drive competitive advantage with Dell Technologies solutions, designed to simplify deployment of analytics projects and protect your data.

Create business differentiation with data, your most valuable asset

Create value from data

Turn data into a tangible asset and source of revenue. Go from managing infrastructure to exploring data to power your digital business.

Simplify your data landscape

Eliminate complexity by leveraging industry-leading solutions from Dell Technologies that span edge, core, and Multicloud. Make all your data available and provide coverage for the entire business with solutions that don’t confine it to a single hub or cloud.

Protect and secure your data

Dell industry-leading solutions provide superior risk reduction for workloads, advanced security, and improved data mobility across environments.

APEX Use Cases The broadest infrastructure and cloud services portfolio for all of your essential use cases

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Consult, deploy, manage Overcome obstacles and unlock opportunity with Dell Technologies Services


Medacist advances healthcare analytics

Medacist empowers healthcare providers to gain drug diversion insight and keep patients and hospitals safe with data analytics enabled by Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerScale storage.


Saving time and effort with Splunk

Dell Technologies leverages Splunk to quickly search, report and diagnose operations and security issues in a fast, repeatable and affordable way.