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McAfee+ Premium

McAfee Premium Plus test
McAfee Premium Plus

Identity protection and privacy for your digital life

Premium protection to confidently live life online, with 24/7 identity monitoring, automatic VPN, antivirus for all your devices, guidance to remove your personal info from data broker sites, and more.


Next-gen threat protection - Secure your PC's and laptops from new and evolving threats with our most powerful AI-powered antivirus ever.
Advanced Firewall - Help safeguard your home network by blocking dangerous traffic with McAfee’s advanced firewall.
Tracker Remover - Removes cookies and temporary files that may contain info that identifies you and tracks your online activity.
Web Protection - Browse more safely with protection from phishing and malware sites.

McAfee - VPN for Privacy Protection
McAfee - VPN for Privacy Protection

McAfee Scam Protection™ - Scam or safe? Avoid scam texts with AI-powered protection.​
Secure VPN*
- Protect your personal data and location with a virtual private network.
File Shredder - Delete sensitive files completely to ensure no traces are left behind.
Identity Monitoring* - Helps you keep an eye on your personal info for data breaches with timely alerts.

Online account cleanup video
Online account cleanup video

Online Account Cleanup helps to remove your personal information from old online accounts still holding onto it.

Personal Data Cleanup helps to prevent your personal info from being sold online by scanning data broker sites for your personal info so it can be removed.

Social Privacy Manager safeguards your privacy on social media in just a few clicks, with personalized recommendations for your privacy settings.


Why is personal security important?

Whether shopping, learning, or streaming online, our privacy, security, and identity are exposed to threats. As technology weaves itself into our lives in new and unexpected ways, some of it will get quite personal and close to home.

Can't I just get security free online?

  • Free online security is available, however, they're not all-in-one multi-level, integrated security like McAfee.
  • Some free anitivrus software may display advertisings or pop-ups, which can be distracting.
  • Because the products are not designed to work together, many problems are created, includeing:
                 - Security issues falling through the cracks
                 - Possible conflicts between products
                 - If there is an issue, free security often has "mediocre
                   customer support"

I'm worried McAfee will slow down my system

  • Over the years, McAfee has significantly reduced the disk space required, the memory usage, and the processes running, dramatically reducing slowdowns and making systems run fast.
  • McAfee+ Premium is more agile with faster scans, quick updates, and uses significantly less space on your PC for performance that won't slow you down. McAfee protection is so good, you might not even know it's there.
  • It is better to have peace of mind with security on your system than to be seriously slowed down by spyware and viruses that could be even more harmful.

A 30 day trial is pre-installed on selected Dell PC's

Shop, stream and connect safely while protecting your identity and privacy.
A 30-day trial

Steps to make the most of your trial experience:

Step 1: Trial activation
Step 2: Trial registration
Step 3: Protection customization
Step 4: Enjoy Life Online

1. The trial will activate upon PC bootup providing award winning online protection. To register your trial and enable all feature benefits, access the app by clicking the McAfee icon in the start menu or in your task bar.

2. Register your trial to unlock additional features The trial will activate upon PC bootup providing award winning online protection. To register your trial and enable all feature benefits, access the app by clicking the McAfee icon in the start menu or in your task bar.

3. Customize the experience to fit your needs

While certain features are off by default, you have the power to set your preferences. Enjoy customized protection with our easy- to- follow guidance!
Did you know you can also customize your notifications? Our real-time notifications range from protection tips to behind-the-scenes actions we've taken to keep you safe.
Easily manage the messages you receive from us in the McAfee app!

4. Live your life online freely and confidently with award-winning online protection

Compare your options

McAfee customers enjoy personalized protection with feature-rich security.
BENEFIT McAfee Norton MS Defender
Protected Devices Unlimited* Up to unlimited devices 5 devices**
Platform Support Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS*** Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS***
McAfee Protection Score
Password Manager
Email only, powered by
Identity monitoring
Secure VPN*
Online Account Cleanup
Social Privacy Manager 5 devices Up to unlimited devices 500MB/Day/Device no server choice
Personal Data Cleanup Scans 1 user profile 1 user profile
Next-gen threat protection
Tracker remover
Web Protection
McAfee Scam Protection™ Filtering only
File Shredder
Advanced Firewall
Virus Protection Pledge****
24/7 Free Phone and Chat Support
24/7 phone & chat support


McAfee is a worldwide leader in online protection. Their products are focused on protecting your identity, online privacy, and your devices so you can confidently experience your digital life safer from scams, identity theft, viruses, malware, unwanted exposure, and other new and evolving online threats.

Yes, McAfee's plans include features that help protect you from identity theft by helping secure your personal information to prevent unauthorized access to your online accounts.

Yes, McAfee provides Secure VPN (virtual private network) service that encrypts your internet connection, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure, especially on public Wi-Fi networks. Set it to turn on automatically to keep your personal info safe and private anywhere you go so you can shop, bank, stream, and more confidently.

McAfee supports Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS, and ChromeOS devices.

Put a stop to text-based scams before you can click. McAfee’s smart AI helps protect you if it detects a suspicious link in your text messages—it can even block risky sites from emails, texts, and social media if you accidentally click.

McAfee's Next-gen Threat Protection leverages cutting-edge AI and cloud technology to deliver powerful defense against new and evolving online threats. The antivirus software safeguards your PC with real-time protection from malware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, and other online threats.

Yes, McAfee products come with automatic updates to protect with the latest security patches and enhancements, keeping your devices safe from emerging threats.

It is generally not recommended to use multiple security software simultaneously, as they may conflict with each other. However, you can check with McAfee's support for specific compatibility information.

Yes, McAfee typically allows subscribers to transfer their license to a new device, ensuring continuous protection without the need to purchase a new subscription.

McAfee is committed to protecting user privacy and ensures that its products comply with privacy laws and regulations. The company does not collect personal information without explicit user consent.

McAfee - However You Connect
McAfee - However You Connect
McAfee - Protection Score
McAfee - Protection Score
MFE Product Scenario Vignette Video_2_update
MFE Product Scenario Vignette Video_2_update
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