Dell Advocates for a Greener World All Over the Globe

I'm blogging from lovely Laguna Niguel, California, where NGOs  and leaders of some of the world's most successful businesses have gathered for Fortune Brainstorm Green. It's been a fantastic event covering myriad sustainability and environmental issues. Dell's own Tod Arbogast, director of sustainable business, has participated on two panels – one on the importance of reforestation as part of a company's sustainability program, and another on carbon finance. And everyone's anxiously awaiting President Bill Clinton's closing keynote this afternoon.

 Our participation at Brainstorm GREEN is one of the many things we've done to commemorate Earth Month this year. Over the past few weeks alone:

It's been a busy month, and it underscores the energy and commitment Dell has put behind sustainability and protecting our planeta commitment we live every day. We want to empower customers to save money through energy efficient IT and to responsibly dispose of their PCs at their end of life. That all starts with being informed, so we're out engaging customers and stakeholders as often as we can. In the end, we'll make the biggest impact – or, should I say, most effectively minimize our impact – when we all work together.  

Happy Earth Day, everyone, and don't forget to tweet your #earthtweet items today!

About the Author: Michelle Mosmeyer