Dell Services Innovation Days 2010 in Austria

Soon, Frank Klingelhoefer, Director Business Development, Commercial, Large Enterprise  for Dell Services in Europe will kick off the Dell Services Innovation Days 2010 conference in Tyrol, Austria. 

Dell Services Innovation Day 2010, Austria

Charlie Richards, Margret Hanrieder and Nicole Krausse (holding Camera) – arriving at the venue with all our props.

Checking in at Dell Services Innovation Days 2010

The opening keynote will be jointly delivered by Dell Services’ Vice President of Marketing, Atul Vohra and EMEA Director and General Manager for Commercial/LE Services, Eric Velfre. Atul and Eric will be sharing more about Dell’s services strategy in Europe.

This is the first year that Dell is hosting Innovation Days following its acquisition of Perot Systems last year.  From Volkswagen to Audi, the two-day event will bring together the most influential leaders in manufacturing information technology. Delegates will focus on innovation through information technology, with exclusive expert insights and candid conversations.

Dell Services Innovation Days 2010, Austria

Highlights will include presentations from various companies, including Audi AG, Daimler AG, and Bayer Healthcare AG.  Showcasing innovation in motion – outside the event, Audi and Daimler will be showcasing their latest vehicles while inside, Dell will be showcasing its latest smartphones and netbooks.

On the subject of applying innovation to the efficient enterprise, Dell’s Vice President of Business Intelligence, James Franklin will share Dell’s experience on its own journey to IT efficiency.

We will cover the event over the next few days, with highlights from the conference program and reaction from participants at the event. 

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