Driving IT Operational Efficiencies in a Complex Business Environment

Overcome IT operation obstacles with Technology Rotation.

In a world where business environments are becoming more complex and constantly evolving, operational efficiencies are continually challenged and stressed. Organizations cannot remain stagnant while striving to become increasingly valuable to their customers. Digital transformation is inevitable and maintaining a healthy and secure IT infrastructure must remain a top priority. However, leveraging a traditional capital expenditure (CapEx) acquisition strategy hinders the ability to quickly address operational inefficiencies. Aged equipment is slower, uses more power, needs more attention from IT staff and the risk of system downtime and security breaches may be higher. Instead of marching forward with the initiatives that bring about transformational progress, IT managers are working tirelessly to maintain systems and troubleshoot problems.

The fundamental role of IT operations management is the administration of technology systems and solutions within the organization. This includes the provisioning of the IT infrastructure, capacity management, performance assurance and security management. It is responsible for alleviating obstacles and increasing productivity while adhering to budgets and cost controls.

In many cases, IT operational efficiency takes a backseat to more visible strategic business priorities. Carrying out digital transformation initiatives brings about tremendous challenges when a robust technology operation is not deployed and maintained. IT managers are constrained by budget and will need to proactively determine how best to acquire equipment that can consistently operate at maximum performance to move the organization forward and mitigate potential failures.

Technology Rotation* from Dell Technologies helps organizations successfully implement operational efficiency.** Companies can accelerate and enhance digital transformation with a planned refresh of assets, thus optimizing productivity and overcoming challenges throughout the technology lifecycle. When rotating, cutting-edge products replace outdated and inefficient technology at a pre-defined time to help ensure the organization is ready for the next wave of innovation.

Avoiding Technology Obsolescence

Utilizing the latest technology is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Disruptions from obsolete technology that could have been avoided degrades application performance, creates data latency, reduces system reliability and increases maintenance costs.

Organizations can rapidly adopt new technology. This creates an opportunity to focus on innovation by leveraging the latest hardware operating at the peak of its useful life. With Technology Rotation, equipment can be delivered and rotated in more quickly, giving organizations peace of mind knowing they aren’t burdened with running obsolete equipment.

Enhanced Security

Security is a key concern for IT leaders. The risk of unplanned downtime, unauthorized data access and stolen customer information, regardless of the method of attack, has a long-lasting and devastating impact on an organization. With Technology Rotation, current-state hardware and software will promote having the latest security protection installed. These security solutions can be readily updated while deployed, lessening threats from inside or outside the organization. In every situation, ensuring security is paramount and with the latest technology in use, there is greater protection against these security threats. Technology Rotation promotes state-of-the art security protection on current server technology where it’s needed most – during the period of operation and at the technology asset’s end of life through data sanitization and recycling.

Increased Workforce Productivity and Satisfaction

Whether on the road in front of customers or using your systems to design, implement or manage a business deliverable, your workers need to execute. Armed with cutting-edge solutions, Technology Rotation ensures they have the technology to get the job done and, in many cases, in style.

IT staff productivity and satisfaction often increase when they spend less time during emergency situations, fixing and maintaining outdated equipment and redirect their efforts to working on value-added strategic initiatives. Employees can therefore be more efficient and yield higher work performance. In general, employees are happier and more productive resulting in less turnover, which serves as a catalyst for attracting and retaining team members.

Ease of Acquisition and Billing

Technology Rotation streamlines acquisition and billing, making purchasing easy and more efficient. When available, a master agreement combines multiple orders into a single agreement, thus saving time and money. The terms and conditions are negotiated upfront, and payments are spread over time to help retain the organization’s valuable cash.

Dell Financial Services is a one-stop full-service payment solutions provider for hardware, software, peripherals and support for Dell and non-Dell technology. Working with a single source provider for both end-to-end technology and the financing to acquire it saves time and simplifies the acquisition process. There is no need for multiple payment providers.

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Alain Lamoure

About the Author: Alain Lamoure

Alain Lamoure is a Senior Director of Product Marketing for Dell Technologies. He leads the teams responsible for portfolio messaging, thought leadership and field marketing for APEX Custom (IaaS) and Payment Solutions, a full portfolio of innovative payment solutions for any hardware, software and services, allowing customers of all size to choose how they want to consume their technology. Alain started with Dell Technologies in 2001. He has held various leadership positions in Marketing, Sales and Operations in Services, Internet Of Things and Financial Services. Prior to Dell Technologies, Alain worked in the Telco and Banking industries. Alain received his MBA from ISC Paris.