Get the Latest Self-Healing PC Support Via a Convenient Subscription

Limited CapEx? No problem – access Dell’s highest level of PC support with less upfront cost.

We stand poised on the cusp of an era of AI-led transformation, and the PC has once again asserted its role as being central to how businesses and end users depend on cutting-edge technology. Ensuring how this workhorse of employee productivity is always up and running, especially when budgets are tight and IT departments are challenged with supporting a hybrid workforce, is critical.

The PC has become more sophisticated and richly configured, and that requires advanced support services that are designed to deliver continuous productivity. Companies want services that utilize the same AI and telemetry-based capabilities that power the PC. And they want to pay for them over time, as they reap benefits from the value their service provides.

Current Challenges

Here are some of the most common support concerns we’ve heard from customers:

    • Given our large installed base and hybrid workforce, we need access to AI-based support capabilities that can address issues before they become problems.
    • We really need to use CapEx to optimize the hardware purchase. Spending on support services via OpEx gives us a flexible way to manage both budget and cash flow.
    • We prefer to purchase standardized products and services for our employee personas. Doing this directly from vendors online aligns best with our procurement processes.

We are at an inflection point where many of our customers are having to refresh their PCs that were purchased at the onset of the pandemic. Many are choosing configurations with AI capabilities to future-proof their purchase. Given the uncertain economic environment, they would prefer to spread the cost of PC support over the lifecycle of the device.

The Silver Bullet – PC Support Subscriptions

Our term-based subscriptions for ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex give customers both peace of mind and payment choices. ProSupport Plus for PCs offers the most comprehensive capabilities in a single solution—without the need to stack services.1 And Dell is the first and only major PC brand to offer standalone commercial support services via a subscription model.2 Customers determine what subscription term and billing cadence work best for them, and Dell helps keep end users up and running and gives businesses predictable support costs.

Here’s how the term-based subscription model works:

    • Purchase the hardware and commit to a subscription term for ProSupport Plus or ProSupport Flex.
    • Choose either monthly or annual billing option.
    • Manage subscriptions via a customer portal.
    • Subscription auto renews (optional) at the end of the term, so devices don’t lose coverage.

Net/net: our support subscription model aligns to how businesses are budgeting and paying for most of their other expenses.

Proactive Monitoring and Self-Healing Automation

Telemetry and AI-driven capabilities of ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex are powered by SupportAssist technology. We recently shared our capabilities around self-healing automation. With self-healing automation, customers can optimize PC performance and resolve a variety of PC issues, without active intervention from IT, and end users avoid disruptions and downtime.

Telemetry data from networked PCs triggers processes that proactively detect problems. A library of Dell-authored scripts automates tasks and remediates issues like blue screen errors and thermal issues. Over time, we’ll add more scripts to this growing set of capabilities.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Use

Our customers increasingly tell us they prefer an online purchase experience where they can configure their products and services and generate quotes for internal approvals before placing the order. And now, ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex subscriptions are available for purchase through our B2B portal—Dell Premier. Our sales force remains available to assist in the process in any way needed. Now you have access to:

    • A convenient online purchase motion.
    • Predictable support costs that help you balance cash flow.
    • AI-enabled support services that prevent downtime and lost productivity.

Our client support offers consistently generate well over 90% customer satisfaction rating.3 We are incredibly excited to enhance our offerings with AI-powered self-healing automation and make them available for purchase online via a subscription model.

As every business leader knows, the key to success is to focus on what you can control. Macroeconomic factors and the resulting uncertainty are not in that realm. Choosing Dell as the partner to ensure your employees have access to the cutting-edge devices and comprehensive support certainly is.

Support subscriptions are offered in U.S. and Canada for direct customers. Your Dell sales representative can tell you more.

1 Based on Dell analysis, December 2023.
2 Based on Internal Analysis, September 2023, comparing Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, and Acer commercial PC support options. ProSupport Plus & ProSupport Flex are available on select commercial devices. Feature availability and functionality varies by model.
3 Based on Dell Technologies internal numbers, November 2023.

Ashok Vyas

About the Author: Ashok Vyas

Ashok is the global lead for CSG (Client Solutions Group) support services subscriptions. He is responsible for developing subscriptions on ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex, and product management for ProSupport Flex for PCs as well as consumer subscriptions globally. Ashok has been with Dell Services for 18+ years and has held various leadership roles in services, product management, operations and delivery. Ashok holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas and an MS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.