Scale Up or Out with AMD-Powered Servers

PowerEdge, featuring AMD’s fourth generation EPYC processors, is designed to minimize footprint and maximize efficiency and performance.

Remember when big data was something only very big companies worried about? Or when artificial intelligence was science fiction rather than sound business strategy? Today, the majority of enterprises are using AI and big data to innovate and maintain their competitive advantage—and that means more pressure on IT teams to beef up their data center, cloud and edge processing capabilities.

Big data and real-time AI consume a lot of processing power, which typically means adding more servers (and finding more floorspace to store them), consuming more energy and spending more time managing hardware. The latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers featuring AMD’s fourth-generation EPYC processor technology is designed to change all that. Small, energy-efficient, scalable and simple to manage, the new AMD-equipped PowerEdge servers are the right fit for enterprises that need to balance scalability with sustainability.

Better Scalability, Sustainability and Performance

You would expect higher performance from the latest generation of AMD-powered servers from Dell Technologies. But better performance is just the beginning. Dell and AMD have worked together to make their latest generation of PowerEdge servers more efficient through Smart Cooling technology, more secure through a silicon-based root of trust and simpler to manage through new infrastructure automation tools. Here are some of the new features you’ll find in the latest generation of AMD-equipped PowerEdge servers.

    • 2X higher performance. The new AMD EPYC processors deliver up to 107% higher processing performance and up to 33% more storage capacity than their predecessor. That leads to faster business insights and improved application performance across the board.
    • Denser and more efficient. The fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors deliver 50% more density in the core than previous generations, resulting in 47% higher performance per watt for better energy efficiency. In addition, Dell’s Smart Cooling technology reduces the server’s energy consumption through improved airflow and optimized cooling features.
    • Easier to manage. Dell’s management tools, such as OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager and integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), make it easier than ever before to manage and automate bare metal servers, from correcting configuration drifts to optimizing energy usage.
    • More secure. PowerEdge servers feature a silicon-based root of trust that protects against external attacks. AMD EPYC processors also feature Infinity Guard, which helps reduce the threat surface of the server during operation.

Flexible Configurations for a Broad Range of Applications

As more business applications move into the cloud and out toward the edge, scalability becomes critically important—both the ability to scale up and scale out. Dell PowerEdge servers with AMD technology are available in one- and two-socket configurations to handle a variety of different workloads. Our single-socket, 1U PowerEdge R6615 servers are ideal for applications that require maximum performance with a minimal footprint. For more compute-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence and real-time processing of large data sets, two-socket, 2U PowerEdge R7615 servers provide a high-performance platform that can easily scale to handle your most demanding applications.

PowerEdge servers with AMD EPYC processors are designed to handle big jobs, but what’s most impressive about them is what’s not big about them. You’ll have smaller energy bills because they consume less energy thanks to improved density in the design and innovative cooling solutions, as in the case of the PowerEdge C6615. With OpenManage Power Manager, you can also reduce the size of your carbon footprint by managing your power consumption for optimal efficiency. You can fit our AMD-powered servers into existing footprints without worrying about overheating.

Whether you’re upgrading your legacy servers or looking for a scalable foundation for new applications, PowerEdge servers featuring fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors deliver big performance in a more energy-efficient chassis. It’s the best of both worlds—scalability and sustainability. To find the PowerEdge server that fits your needs, check out our AMD-powered servers here.

David Johnson

About the Author: David Johnson

David Johnson is a seasoned expert in strategic marketing within the technology industry. He is currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager and leads strategic marketing initiatives for Dell's PowerEdge server team. With over two decades of experience at Dell Technologies, David has spearheaded successful go-to-market strategies for flagship products, including PowerEdge servers, Dell's OEM solutions and the Latitude laptop series. His innovative approach to technology marketing has significantly contributed to Dell's market presence. David's personal life is as dynamic as his professional one. He is the proud father of two sons, one serving in the U.S. armed forces and the other showcasing his talent on the football field for the University of Texas at Permian Basin in West Texas. An avid bay fisherman, David cherishes his time spent fishing in the tranquil waters of Texas, balancing his professional achievements with his passion for the great outdoors.