Three Ways Software-Driven Innovation Powers the Storage Experience

What it takes to stay continuously modern.

IT has never been able rest on their laurels, but in this fast-paced, ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to be ready. Ready to extract the most value from their data, wherever it lives. Ready to put insights into action with automated operations and intelligence. Ready for security threats that can strike at any time. All while managing differing strategies across edge, core, and cloud, IT staffing needs and exploding data growth.

At Dell, our customers’ needs have always come first. And they have told us that they need to deliver innovation at light-speed and address challenges in real time. To accelerate the time between data creation and innovation, we realized that what is truly needed is a storage experience that is continuously modern. And the only way to do that is through software-driven innovation.

Trifecta of Software-Driven Storage Innovation

Today, we announced a trifecta of software-driven storage innovation across our storage portfolio – featuring over 500 new high-value software features – with major updates for PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex. These software-driven innovations further enhance our highly adaptable software architectures, multi-cloud ecosystem flexibility and comprehensive cyber-resiliency. This announcement delivers:

    • Faster performance, increased capacity and scale, better efficiency, more data mobility and other advanced enterprise capabilities
    • Native replication for any workload
    • Industry’s first end-to-end NVMe/TCP deployment1
    • The broadest enterprise product portfolio from a single vendor supporting all major hyperscalers2

Software-Driven by Design for a Continuously Modern Storage Experience

Dell has a long history of software innovation – with billions of dollars invested in R&D3 and over 26,000 patents.4 And we’re executing at a rapid pace. Did you know we released a new or updated product every day in Dell’s last fiscal year, including weekends and holidays?5 And our offers are software-driven by design with over 85% of our infrastructure engineering staff being software engineers.5 


Dell Technologies' software innovation for storage, as discussed at Dell Technologies World.A Continuously Modern Storage Experience Across Your Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Software-driven innovations from Dell are designed to deliver a continuously modern experience through three key principles across our leading storage portfolio:

    1. Adaptable software architectures – think intelligence and insights – built-in AI and automation that adapt with you AND change with you, eliminating time-consuming tasks with machine learning. Activities like managing data placement, migrations, load balancing, and performance.​ For example, our “always on” intelligent data reduction gives you a guaranteed 4:1 average reduction ratio with zero manual intervention on your part.5 Then there’s the ability to operate infrastructure with cloud-like agility. Effortless provisioning with software that’s optimized for scale up and scale out of files and block – across our portfolio.​
    2. Comprehensive cyber-resiliency – think intrinsic security with zero trust and cyber recovery – to innovate securely. We deliver the world’s most secure mission-critical storage – PowerMax. It is specifically designed for robust Zero Trust security architectures protecting your high value information at each point in a potential data breach. And with up to 65 million secure snapshots per array, PowerMax is also the industry’s most scalable storage replication solution.6 In addition, PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides modern protection against cyberattacks like ransomware with software advances like operational air gap with data isolation and immutability.
    3. Multi-cloud ecosystem flexibility – think any storage, any cloud – to gain multi-cloud control and mobility. For 15 years, we have enabled customers to take data that was created on-premises and get more value from it in the cloud. Our customers have seen great cost savings when using cloud for archive and long-term data retention – up to 80% cost reduction p/GB7 and protection for over 10 exabytes (EB) in the cloud.7 In addition, Project Alpine – currently in Tech Preview – highlights our file, block, and object storage software running on all major public clouds. This enables Dell to deliver enterprise grade data services with the benefits of the public cloud, like on-demand scale and access to compute/analytics services.

Turn Headwinds into Tailwinds

Our software driven innovation has always been focused on what our customers need. Helping them turn headwinds into tailwinds to boost productivity, get the most of data anytime, anywhere all while remaining secure from threats. Only Dell can deliver this – a continuously modern storage experience with an expansive portfolio of products and services that enable adaptable software architectures, multi-cloud-capable software, and comprehensive cyber-resiliency from a single vendor.2

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1 Based on Dell analysis comparing primary PowerMax NVMe/TCP tool (SmartFabric Storage Software) usages vs. competitive storage solutions, March 2022

2 Based on Dell analysis, March 2022.

3 $7.6B investments in R&D over past three fiscal years, Dell Technologies, Inc. 10-K Form, January 28, 2022

4 Dell Technologies Key Facts, 2022 (updated), as of Q4FY22, post VMware-spinoff

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6 Based on Dell PowerMax specification of 65 million snaps per PowerMax compared with mainstream high-end storage arrays, March 2022.

7 Based on Third Party analysis, commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Understanding the Economics of In-Cloud Data Protection” September 2021.

Jonathan Siegal

About the Author: Jon Siegal

Jon Siegal is SVP of ISG Products & Solutions Marketing for Dell Technologies. Jon currently leads marketing for Dell Technologies’ industry-leading HCI, servers, storage, and data protection, as well as award-winning networking and solutions. Prior to this, for the past 15+ years, Jon led product marketing for several key software and system businesses across EMC/ VCE/Dell – most recently VxRail (from zero to $5B). He also previously served as a sales manager in the biotechnology industry. Additionally, Jon has been a frequent presenter at major industry events, Forums, and Executive Briefing Centers worldwide, and a regular guest on theCUBE and Dell TV. Jon holds an MBA from the University of Maryland and BA from the University of Vermont.