Powering Immersive Experiences, Empowering Creators

    • CustomerOuternet

      IndustryMedia & Entertainment

      LocationUnited Kingdom

    • Vision

      Outernet, a global media and entertainment company, sought to create unique, multi-sensory experiences, giving artists, musicians and brands new ways to reach their audiences. 

    • Solution

      To handle the massive amounts of data needed, Outernet partnered with Dell Technologies to architect their network environment using Dell PowerScale storage, Dell PowerEdge servers and more.

    • Impact

      With powerful computing resources, Outernet is providing groundbreaking immersive experiences and creating, storing and publishing content efficiently at a breathtaking scale.

    • Mike Whittaker, CTO Outernet

      "The scale we operate at, the real time nature of what we do… you need really powerful compute resource to do that. And we have that through our partnership with Dell"

    • Business Results

    • How Outernet Leveraged Dell Technologies


        The Art of Innovation

        Find inspiration in diverse artwork, including pieces driven by AI from global artists – all curated by our customer and partner, Outernet London.

    • Immersive Experiences Backed by Storage and Servers (1:00)

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      Engineering a 360° Experience in 26K Resolution

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      A Pixel-Perfect Canvas

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