• Data Recovery

    • The challenge of data recovery in complex IT environments

    • Managing data backup and data recovery in today’s complex IT environments is increasingly difficult for IT teams and organizations of any size. With data residing in more locations – from on-premises servers to virtualized environments and public or hybrid clouds – integrating data stores and centralizing management is a significant challenge. Users have more control over their own data, further complicating attempts at comprehensive backup and data recovery. And with the rise of Big Data, the Internet of Things and other data-intensive technologies, data volumes are growing exponentially and showing no signs of slowing. Add stricter regulatory compliance, more stringent SLAs and increasing pressure to contain costs and you can easily see how backup and recovery can overwhelm even the most experienced IT departments.

      That’s where Dell Technologies can help – with industry-leading solutions for data backup, data recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and replication that help to reduce the cost and complexity of protecting business-critical data. 

    • Data Replication and Recovery with Data Protection Suite

      The Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution for organizations of all types and sizes.

    • Industry-leading data recovery solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell backup and data recovery technologies help to protect data capital from edge to core to cloud. Fast to deploy and easy to use, data recovery solutions centralize and simplify management of data backup and data recovery tasks while improving availability, increasing uptime and avoiding data loss and corruption.

      Data recovery solutions include data protection storage/appliances, data protection software and data protection solutions that deliver significant benefits for every IT organization, including:

      • Data backup and data recovery capabilities across all environments with a full continuum of data protection strategies, from replication to snapshot to backup and archive.
      • Centralized management and monitoring of data copies across primary and secondary storage to eliminate data silos while simplifying backup and data recovery operations.
      • Data backup and data recovery for all consumption models – on-premises traditional infrastructure, virtualized environments and public, private or hybrid clouds.
      • Industry-leading performance that can accelerate backup and data recovery while reducing bandwidth requirements.
      • Flexible solutions that can be mixed and matched for deployment in physical and virtual environments, with cloud-ready capabilities for backup, data recovery, disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud.

    • Data recovery challenges

    • With Dell enterprise and SMB backup solutions, IT departments can overcome the most difficult obstacles to protecting business-critical data.

      Accelerating data growth. Dell data backup and data recovery technology enables organizations to scale easily without disrupting operations. PowerProtect appliances, for example, can scale up to manage petabytes of usable capacity in a single system.

      Complex IT environments. From the largest data center to individual laptops and other edge devices, Dell technology makes it simple to back up and recover data from any environment, including on-premises servers, virtualized environments and cloud deployments.

      Stringent regulations. As regulatory environments continue to evolve and become more complex, Dell data backup and data recovery technology enables policy-driven backups, proactive monitoring, comprehensive reporting, global data oversight and real-time analytics to ease the burden of managing and proving compliance.

      Fragmented technologies. Dell comprehensive data backup and data recovery solutions enable IT teams to abandon multiple point solutions, eliminating data silos, integration issues and interoperability problems.

      Increasing pressure to reduce costs. When pressed to do more with less, IT organizations can rely on Dell backup and data recovery technology to accelerate backups, reduce or eliminate the expense of tape backup, minimize the cost of managing backup and recovery, and reduce the size and cost of storage footprints as well as the bandwidth required for data transfer for backup and data recovery.

    • A wide range of data backup and data recovery technologies

    • Data protection offerings include complete data backup and data recovery systems that automate tasks, simplify management, improve availability, increase uptime and mitigate data loss.

      Data backup and data recovery software provides next-generation data protection, empowering organizations to transform IT faster, protect data capital and create more value from data assets. PowerProtect Data Manager delivers next generation data protection that enables faster IT transformation, while giving you the assurance you can easily safeguard and quickly unlock your data’s value. PowerProtect Data Manager enables you to set protection policies, backup and recover, deduplicate and tier physical and virtual workloads. Data owners and admins can protect critical workloads directly from native interfaces while IT maintains governance and compliance. PowerProtect Data Manager offers SaaS reporting and monitoring to easily analyze and troubleshoot distributed environments from anywhere.

      Data backup and data recovery appliances help reduce the complexity of data protection with scalable, pre-configured solutions that combine data protection storage with software, search and analytics.

      Data backup and data recovery solutions, including Cyber Recovery technology that protects critical data, identifies suspicious activity and performs data recovery after an attack. Other data protection solutions include Cloud Data Protection and Backup that help organizations transform data centers for greater efficiency, resiliency and scalability, and Data Protection for VMware that delivers simply powerful data protection for VMware environments, on-premises and in the cloud.

    • Calculate your cost-to-protect with data recovery technology

    • Use the Dell Technologies cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to determine your cost-to-protect (CTP), the expense of protecting your data on a monthly basis. Lowering your CTP can help to reduce operational and capital costs while addressing other data tech challenges.

      Dell data backup and data recovery solutions offer very low CTP. To calculate your potential savings with Dell technology, use the Dell Technologies cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to record the number of gigabytes required for storage, the cost of your current data backup solution and the number of months supported by your purchase, along with other criteria.

    • FAQs: what is data recovery?

    • What is data recovery?
      Data recovery is the process of restoring data from backup after the original data has been lost, corrupted, deleted or otherwise made unavailable.

      What is data recovery vs. disaster recovery?
      Data recovery typically involves the restoration of specific data. Disaster recovery usually involves restoring an entire data system after an outage, a cyberattack or natural disaster.

      What type of backup and data recovery is supported by Dell technology?
      Dell technology supports backup to disk, backup to tape, backup to cloud, deduplication backup and snapshot-based backup.

      Does Dell Technologies support IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP data recovery?
      Yes. Dell solutions are an ideal choice for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP backup and recovery.

    • Explore Data Protection and Backup Appliances and Software

      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Back up Data with PowerProtect DP Series Appliances

      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

    • Discover PowerProtect Data Manager

      PowerProtect Data Manager offers software defined data protection, automation, operational agility, and self-service backup and recovery.