• Flash Storage

    • Drive IT transformation with flash storage from Dell

    • Flash storage is enabling IT transformation for organizations of every size. All-flash storage offers a wide variety of benefits from lowering latency and increasing IOPS per drive to consolidating workloads, shrinking hardware footprints, minimizing power consumption and reducing the cost of management.

      While many companies are already realizing the advantages that flash storage offers, others are not sure the benefits outweigh the cost. Dell provides a family of all-flash arrays that are designed to solve the challenge of embracing a modernized flash-centric data center while simplifying, automating and consolidating IT operations cost-effectively.  

    • Explore Dell All-Flash and Hybrid Storage Array Solutions

      Explore the Dell all-flash and hybrid-flash storage portfolio with advanced architectures and industry-leading software features, delivering lower TCO.

    • Why flash storage is a game-changer

    • Here’s a statistic that should cause every CIO unsure about flash storage to pause and rethink: 99% of organizations that have achieved IT transformation are using flash storage. The benefits include:

      • Faster performance. Organizations using flash storage collectively report a 36% average increase in speeds, and a 49% improvement in application performance for organizations using all-flash storage.
      • Lower OpEx expenses. Companies using flash storage report a 42% reduction in operational costs. With no moving parts, minimal heat output and increased performance density, flash enables organizations to reduce power/cooling costs and to eliminate the need to maintain rising numbers of HDDs and the associated costs for people, storage footprints and cooling.
      • Higher utilization. Prior to flash, storage represented the slowest part of the data path and hosts and networks were inevitably waiting on storage to respond to data requests. With flash, servers can process thousands more transactions per second and systems are no longer in a perpetual “wait state.”
      • Fewer bugs. Flash storage lets IT teams spend less time debugging performance issues and more time deploying applications, refining architecture or engaged in other strategic tasks.
      • Reduced CapEx costs. Thanks to the ongoing decline in the per terabyte cost of flash, companies using flash storage can reduce capital expense of storage infrastructure by an average of 24%.
      • Faster decision-making. While big data analytics platforms can produce near real-time business intelligence, they require a level of performance that HDD storage and cloud storage can’t always deliver. Analytics queries made to flash-supported workloads with structured or unstructured data get answers much more quickly, enabling organizations to make better, faster, data-driven decisions than their competitors.

    • Dell delivers all flash storage at scale

    • PowerMax

      PowerMax changes the game for data storage. It is designed with a multi-controller, active/active scale-out architecture and industry standard, end-to-end NVMe. Inline, global dedupe and compression add extreme efficiency to your data center, even as it scales.

      • Powerful architecture: True scale-out design, end-to-end NVMe, SCM persistent storage
      • Simple operation: Consolidate everything on a single array
      • Trusted innovation: Meet the highest levels of automation, AI/ML, data protection and availability - designed for 6-9s in each array


      PowerStore’s versatile architecture, unique in the data storage industry, provides unmatched versatility of deployment combined with scale-out as well as scale-up expandability to address the impacts of growing performance as well as capacity requirements.

      • Performance optimized: with up to 7x more IOPs4 and 3x lower latency for real-world workloads compared to the previous generation of storage platforms.
      • Greater storage efficiency: providing 4:1 data reduction rate, backed by the Future-proof guarantee.
      • Advanced application infrastructure flexibility: unique ability to host VMware-based applications on the Powerstore appliance with AppsON.

      Unity XT

      Unity XT All-Flash and Hybrid Flash arrays set new standards for storage with compelling simplicity, all-inclusive software, blazing speed, optimized efficiency, multicloud enablement – all in a modern NVMe-ready design – to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.

      • Designed for performance: Gain high-speed access to your data and a modern architecture that is NVMe ready
      • Optimized for efficiency: Gain more effective capacity with up to 5:1 data reduction
      • Built for multicloud: Seamlessly extend storage to the cloud or deploy in the cloud with flexible cloud consumption options

      SC Series

      SC Series provides companies of any size the technology advantage they need to compete in today’s fast-changing markets. Intelligent All-Flash and hybrid storage solutions offer transformational performance, flexible tiered storage architecture and future-proof value.

      • Transformational Performance: Accelerate workloads with high IOPS, low latency storage powered by innovative software designs
      • Flexible Architecture: Help your company thrive through change with self-optimizing tiered storage solutions that adapt seamlessly
      • Future-Proof Value: Drive down TCO with cost-saving automation, broad ecosystem integrations and world-class support services


      With multi-dimensional scalability, in-memory metadata, unmatched storage efficiency, rich application integrated copy services, metadata-aware replication, and unprecedented management simplicity, XtremIO delivers on the promise of a simple, agile, scalable, fully-virtualized data center — all while minimizing infrastructure footprint and TCO.

      • Consistent Performance: XtremIO delivers high performance with consistently low latency using the efficiencies of data deduplication.
      • Unmatched Efficiency: Inline, all-the-time data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning result in massive storage efficiencies.
      • Accelerated Workflows: Application-integrated copy services transform business workflows and accelerate true business agility.


      VMAX All Flash storage enables organizations to accelerate the pace of business transformation by modernizing operations and driving down operational and capital expense. Data reduction techniques and rapidly declining flash prices have made Dell’s flash storage solutions a highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to HDD storage.

      VMAX All Flash storage solutions enable organizations to:

      • Consolidate high-demand transaction processing and decision support workloads by leveraging advanced 3D NAND flash.
      • Support extreme-growth hybrid cloud environments with consistent 350-microsecond response times at massive scale.
      • Process up to 6.7 million IOPS at sub-tms latency using 576 CPU cores and multi-threading technology.
      • Accelerate time to deployment with streamlined appliance-based packaging and easy non-disruptive migrations.
      • Rely on six-nines availability to protect vital open systems and mainframe information.
      • Run rapid backup and restore for SQL, Oracle and Exchange deployments, and backup directly from VMAX to Data Domain to eliminate app server overhead.
      • Optimize decision support, application testing and business analytics by creating hundreds of snapshots per volume. Reduce storage footprints by leveraging in-line compression for new or existing VMAX data sets.

    • Future-proof your flash storage solution

    • For customers concerned about protecting their technology investments and ensuring that solutions will deliver on future requirements, Dell offers a Future-Proof Loyalty Program that ensures Dell’s products will provide value for the entire lifetime of their applications.

      The Future-Proof Loyalty Program provides:

      • A satisfaction guarantee that products will perform as promised.
      • Investment protection that lets organizations optimize financial resources and accurately predict future costs with adjustments as required.
      • Timeless technology that enables IT infrastructure to seamlessly move forward to future technologies and to access cloud capabilities.

    • FAQs: What is flash storage?

    • What is flash storage?
      Flash storage is a media for storing data. In contrast to hard disk drives (HDD) that write data to spinning discs, flash storage has no moving parts and uses high-speed, electrically programmable nonvolatile memory (NVME) to write data far more quickly, increasing performance and dramatically reducing the cost per operation.

      What is all flash storage?
      All-flash storage, or an all-flash array, is a data storage system that contains multiple flash storage drives. Because all-flash storage has no moving parts, it generates less heat, uses less power and requires less maintenance. All-flash storage can provide vastly superior performance, faster data transfer rates, fewer spikes in latency and better disaster recovery.

      What is a hybrid flash array?
      A hybrid storage system combines flash storage with other lower-cost options to provide a solution that balances performance and economics.

    • PowerStore All-Flash Storage Solutions

      PowerStore is a uniquely storage infrastructure platform that provides you unprecedented freedom to evolve your IT, keeping pace with a rapidly changing world.

    • PowerMax NVMe Storage

      With end-to-end NVMe, real-time machine learning, seamless cloud mobility and up to 350GB per second sustained bandwidth, PowerMax features high-speed smarts to power your most critical workloads.

    • Unity XT Unified Flash Storage Solutions

      Unity XT midrange storage is built new from the ground up to deliver unified storage speed and efficiency and built for a multicloud world.