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    Endpoint Security Services

    • Trusted expertise to assess, defend, and prevent threats to your business

      As your workforce evolves, data is being used in more places with more devices, which leaves it vulnerable to new risks. Supporting mobility, connectivity, and flexibility are critical to your business, but so is security. And doing so is becoming increasingly difficult.

      Endpoint Security Services provide the personalized, expert guidance you need to identify risks, implement solutions and prevent against future threats with confidence. Get the most out of your security investments to protect the data and devices that are essential to your business.

    • Key Benefits

      • Understand what unique threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces
      • Confidence that your security solutions are implemented and working properly
      • Reduce the complexity and cost of managing endpoint security
      • Freedom and peace of mind to focus on other strategic initiatives
    • Endpoint Security Services Details

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get

      Plan services


      Service Contracts

      Gain insight into the security status of each part of your IT infrastructure
      • Identify areas of improvement for data, devices, identity and applications
      • Ability to close critical gaps and strengthen preventative measures
      • Detailed data gathering, analysis and findings report that provides actionable and tailored recommendations

      Implementation services


      Service Contracts

      Take action to address threats by integrating the right security tools into your environment
      • Rest assured that your chosen security solutions are properly and efficiently implemented by Dell security experts
      • Based on proven expertise and industry best practices
      • Expert software installation
      • Configuration and custom policy settings
      • Implementation pilot and measurement against test plan
      • Knowledge transfer to your in-house team

      Sustain services


      Service Contracts

      Ensure continuous, personalized protection
      • Extend the effectiveness of your security solutions
      • Evolve your business without introducing risk
      • Ongoing environmental health checks
      • NIST cybersecurity framework alignment validation
      • Optimization reports
      Custom services When you need more than standard services, Dell custom endpoint security services can assist with all aspects of security management from assessment and monitoring to incident response and remediation, and more. Contact your Dell representative for additional information.    

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