Various reports are available through your Dell Global Portal Website. Please contact your Dell Account Team to discuss which offering is best for your organization.

a) Global Online Order Status

Order Status can be accessed from the order status (sack barrow) link in the tool belt underneath the navigation menu. The resulting page enables Global Portal users to check the status of their organization's recent orders. Learn More

b) Standard Reports

  1. Image Watch enables users to view reports related to product transitions and helps users with technology transition management by providing Dell's introduction and end-of-life information on platforms and system components. This reporting feature requires a customer-signed NDA.
  2. Premier Invoicing Report enables users to search and view invoices online (identical to hard copy invoices) easier than before. Learn More

c) Enhanced Reports

Purchase History shows 15 months of rolling purchases. Offers graphical dashboard view and a detailed summary view of data with the ability to drill down by different product types. Learn More

Warranty Expiration Report: Shows systems with warranties expiring 15 months’ forward and expired 15 months’ back. Navigation to additional report levels allow information to be filtered by product type. Learn More