Dell Technologies In The Spotlight: Jamal Benmoulahoume

In our In The Spotlight series, Arnaud Bacros, General Manager Belgium and Luxemburg at Dell Technologies, talks with people in our organization about their work and where they see business challenges and opportunities.

Digital transformation is a very important trend in ICT today. And the amount of money involved to invest in new technology and solutions is tremendous. To help our customers, Dell Financial Services has a variety of financing options. Arnaud speaks with Jamal Benmoulahoume, BeLux Manager of Dell Financial Services, about the range of solutions we can provide for our customers and partners. How can we help companies continue doing business in these difficult times and move forward with much needed IT investments without risking their financial situation? Watch the video to discover why Dell Financial Services is the best choice for financing options.

About the Author: Arnaud Bacros