• MyService360 is your one-stop-shop for services information. Get personalized data and actionable insights for your entire environment or a single product.

      Companies investing in digital transformation need an online experience that simplifies support, saves time and helps them plan the future. From complex global environments to individual systems, MyService360 takes the guesswork out of the enterprise service experience. With immersive 360 degree data visualizations and analytics across your datacenter, and an end-to-end service history for Dell Technologies products, MyService360 provides actionable intelligence on what matters most to your IT team.

    • MyService360 Key Benefits

      • Real-time, critical incidents and risks with a proactive heads-up display
      • Clear, prescriptive recommendations for simplified action and planning
      • Historical trends and data analytics to optimize your Dell Technologies support experience
      • Manage services health for data protection, storage and converged systems
    • Customer Story: Dell Technologies Services

      MyService360: Connecting Draper to a modern customer experience

      Draper leverages Dell Technologies Services to help support infrastructure for critical R&D operations. They have unlocked a richer online experience through MyService360 with Secure Remote Services. This secure, bi-directional remote connection between Dell Technologies products and customer support informs analytics-based recommendations, while also detecting potential issues and initiating remote resolution.

    • MyService360 has definitely helped us to be more proactive because we can see everything that’s going on in our environment. It is really easy to use, very intuitive.

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    • 1Based on a 2017 survey of select group of global account managed customers.

      2In a 2017 survey of global account managed customers, customers experience an average 43% time savings using MyService360 compared to the previous online experience.

      3Based on a July 2017 internal analysis of Support Requests closed in 2016, Support Requests created by Secure Remote Services were resolved up to 73% faster than other cases.­ Actual results may vary.