Koch Foods

    • Fortifying the roost for 24x7 poultry distribution

    • A data center outage at Koch Foods exposed the risks of an unreliable backup solution when it took 36 hours to restore automated operations and cost the company tens of million dollars. After the outage, IT replaced its NetApp SnapManager & Veritas Backup Exec environment with Dell EMC's Data Protection Software & Data Domain. Since moving to Dell EMC's Data Protection, the backup success rate has increased from 70 percent to 98.4 percent. Weekly backup administration that previously took 50-60 hours has decreased to just 1 hour. And all 200 VMs are done in 5 to 10 minutes compared to 16 hours before.

    • “Since moving to Dell EMC's Data Protection Software & Data Domain, we've reduced our backup data from 8 petabytes to 79 terabytes. That's a fantastic compression ratio of 103 times. We estimate we've saved thousands of dollars on storage, power consumption and maintenance.”

      Jason Kinnear, Infrastructure Engineer, Koch Foods

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    • Supporting continuous operations in a fraction of the time

      Companies in the food processing industry must be nimble and support continuous operations. After a 36-hour outage cost them tens of millions of dollars, Koch Foods switched to Dell EMC Data Protection, and the successful results speak for themselves.

    • Handling data backups so Koch Foods can focus on production

      Koch Foods deploys an enterprise data backup solution that delivers reliable backups, easy admin and decreased backup storage requirements. Staff can now focus on bigger projects.

    • Saving time and money — and providing peace of mind

      After a disastrous data center outage cost the company tens of millions of dollars, Koch Foods transitioned to Dell EMC data storage. Now, the company has saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, and gained peace of mind about the reliability of backups.

    • Customer: Koch Foods
      Industry: Food & Beverage
      Location: United States

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.