• Recovery Solutions

    • Improve data management with superior backup and recovery solutions

    • Today’s backup and recovery solutions must be able to solve a growing number of data management challenges. IT environments are increasingly complex, with data stored in multiple locations from on-premises servers to virtualized environments and public, private or hybrid clouds. Data is more democratized as well, with users demanding more control over their data and access to their own backup and recovery solutions. And the sheer volume of data continues to grow, with the rise of technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, video files and other data-intensive technologies. 

      When you add stricter SLAs, continually evolving regulatory conditions, ever-present cost pressures and the threats of ransomware and cyber attacks, it’s clear that organizations of every size need superior backup and data recovery technology to successfully protect data from loss, corruption, theft and compromise.

      Dell Technologies provides industry-leading data backup and recovery solutions with easy-to-use tools for archiving, data replication, disaster recovery, cyber recovery and other intelligent data management functions. 

    • Back up and Recover Data with PowerProtect Appliances

      Leverage scalable, high-speed and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Solutions

    • From edge to core to cloud, Dell backup and recovery solutions protect business-critical data while reducing the cost and complexity of data management. Solutions provide easy-to-use tools and centralized management, analysis and reporting to simplify backup and recovery, improve uptime and availability and enable IT teams to do more with less effort.

      Dell backup and recovery offerings include appliances and software, along with solutions for cyber recovery, virtualized environments and cloud data management. With solutions, IT teams can count on:

      • Industry-leading backup and recovery solutions that protect data across all environments with a comprehensive continuum of backup strategies, including snapshot, replication, disaster recovery, cyber recovery, backup and archive.
      • Backup and recovery solutions for comprehensive consumption models, from on-premises storage to virtualized environments to hybrid and public clouds.
      • Self-service features that empower application owners to manage their own backup and recovery solutions, minimizing the burden on IT teams.
      • Oversight and governance features that help to ensure compliance and meet the strictest service level objectives.
      • Superior deduplication that helps to minimize storage footprints, reduce the cost of bandwidth and maximize investments in protection storage.
      • Operational air-gap isolation of critical data from cyber attack in a dedicated cyber recovery vault.
      • Flexible deployment models, with the ability to mix-and-match software and appliances for deployment and physical and virtual environments.

    • Backup and recovery solutions that solve critical challenges

    • Backup and recovery solutions from Dell Technologies help to overcome the most difficult hurdles to protecting data and managing information assets easily and cost-efficiently.

      Complex environments. Dell backup and recovery solutions make it easy to protect data everywhere – from individual laptops to the largest data center – while unifying data protection activity on a single platform that provides an integrated view of business data.

      Massive data growth. Dell backup and recovery solutions scale easily to accommodate increases in data volumes. PowerProtect DD series appliances systems, for example, can scale up to manage multiple petabytes of data in a single system.

      Cost pressures. Dell technology helps to reduce costs by accelerating backups, minimizing or eliminating the expense of tape backup, and minimizing the size and cost of primary and secondary storage through advanced deduplication technology.

      Compliance requirements. Policy-driven backup and recovery solutions along with comprehensive reporting, global data oversight and real-time analytics help to simplify compliance and reduce the effort required to respond to legal and compliance requests.

      Cyber threats. Protecting your business starts with protecting your data. Loss of critical data after a cyber attack or ransomware attack can be devastating. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery isolates critical data away from the attack surface to enable an organization quickly resume normal operations. 

      Multiple backup and recovery solutions. With solutions, IT departments get a single platform for data management activities, eliminating the cost and confusion that accompany the use of multiple, fragmented point solutions for a variety of data protection activities.

    • Backup and recovery solutions for every organization

    • Dell Technologies provides backup and recovery solutions to meet the needs of organizations large and small.

      • Data protection and backup appliances provide cloud-enabled protection storage, integrated appliances and software-defined solutions that enable IT teams to meet ever-changing data growth and governance requirements while protecting workloads across an evolving IT landscape.
      • Data protection and backup software provide next-generation data protection features that simplify backup, recovery, archiving, disaster recovery and replication in virtualized, on-premises and cloud deployments.
      • Data protection and backup solutions include cyber recovery technology, cloud data protection and backup, and data protection for VMware environments on premises and in the cloud.

    • Determine your cost-to-protect with Dell backup and recovery solutions

    • Your Dell cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator is the expense of protecting your data on a monthly basis. Reducing your CTP is key to minimizing operational and capital costs while also solving other data protection challenges.

      Use our CTP calculator to see how much you could save with Dell backup and recovery solutions. Your cost-to-protect is based on the number of gigabytes to be stored, the cost of your data protection solution, months supported by purchase and other criteria.

    • FAQs on backup and recovery solutions

    • What are backup and recovery solutions?

      Backup and recovery solutions are technologies for making copies of business data and for restoring data in the event that it is lost, corrupted, deleted or otherwise unavailable.

      What are recovery solutions versus disaster recovery solutions?

      Data recovery technology is designed to restore specific sets of data that have been lost or corrupted. Disaster recovery technology is designed to restore an entire data system after a natural disaster, cyberattack or an outage of some kind.

      How does PowerProtect Cyber Recovery work?

      PowerProtect Cyber Recovery uses innovative automation and intelligent tools to isolate data from the attack surface and protect it in a dedicated secure vault. Analytics and machine learning monitor data integrity, and forensic tools discover, diagnose and remediate ongoing attacks.

      What kind of backup operations are supported by Dell backup and recovery solutions?

      Dell supports backup to tape, backup to disk, backup to cloud, deduplication backup and snapshot-based backup as well as disaster recovery to the cloud.

      Does Dell support data protection for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP deployments?

      Yes. Dell solutions can help to manage Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP backup, recovery and replication.

    • Discover PowerProtect Data Manager

      PowerProtect Data Manager offers software defined data protection, automation, deduplication, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

    • Back up Data with PowerProtect DP Series Appliances

      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

    • Explore PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

      Reduce business risk with the last line of data protection against ransomware and other destructive cyber attacks.