Dell APEX Flex on Demand

    Customize your technology and pay only for what you use

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    • A more flexible approach helps you right-size capacity and Infrastructure

      Today’s dynamic business environment drives the need for a more elastic, on-demand approach to capacity. With Dell APEX Flex on Demand, you customize your hardware and software configurations and set “Committed” and “Buffer Capacity” upfront. Your usage is measured with automated tools. You pay only for what you use, with a single billing rate that helps you accurately predict future costs. Dell APEX Flex on Demand gives you additional peace of mind by capping total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity – an offer unmatched by other infrastructure providers*.

      Dell APEX Flex on Demand is available with select Storage, Server, Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Data Protection and Services.  

      Dell APEX solutions availability varies by region. Please contact your Dell Sales Representative for more information.

    • How it works:

      • Deploy with confidence
        We work with you to establish the “Committed Capacity” you currently need and the “Buffer Capacity” you will require in the future. All technology is installed and available to you on day one.
      • Pay flexibly
        Each payment includes the fixed cost of your committed capacity plus the variable cost of buffer capacity, which is measured on a regular basis using automated tools installed with your equipment.
      • Adapt on demand
        If usage consistently consumes most of the installed capacity, simply increase your capacity and all related payments will adjust commensurately.
      • Simplified pricing
        Ask about simplified pricing tables of our most popular solutions allowing you to budget and predict payments even when usage is variable. Custom pricing is also available.
    • Flex on Demand provides elastic capacity

      • Total deployed capacity is made up of Committed and Buffer Capacity.
      • Payments change over time as buffer capacity is used.
      • Drive lower costs with higher levels of Committed Capacity and longer usage periods.
      • Access to Buffer Capacity is immediate and does not require a hardware deployment.
      • As workloads increase, Committed Capacity can be adjusted up while keeping a lower usage rate.
    • Benefits of Dell APEX Flex on Demand

    • Key features:

      • Customize Flex on Demand to meet the unique balance of cost and flexibility required by your business.
      • Choose your total deployed capacity and minimum usage commitment.
      • At the end of the usage term, go month to month, extend the term, or return and refresh equipment.
      • 12-month term provides flexibility with an option to extend the term if needed.
      • New and existing Flex on Demand customers can learn about Dell APEX Custom solutions, view and approve pre-invoice reports and see up-to-date usage data on the Dell APEX console.
    • Solution availability:

      • Product Availability – Select Storage, Server, Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Data Protection, and Services
      • Term length - Storage: 12- 60 months, Server: 36 – 60 months
      • Commitment Thresholds - Storage: 40% to 80%; PowerEdge: 70% to 80% HCI: 50% to 80% (Excluding Azure Stack HCI)

    • How our customers leverage flexible payment solutions


      Technology Enables UK Infrastructure Today and for Future Generations

      NG Bailey updates IT infrastructure and gains more agility, cost control, and simplified IT management.


      Adaptable IT that flexes with the needs of the business

      BCB Medical migrates to a flexible IT consumption model with Dell APEX Flex on Demand lowering costs by 30% compared to the public cloud.


      Global Semiconductor Company Scales IT to Match Growth Demands

      Dell APEX Flex on Demand enables Silicon Labs to rapidly scale IT infrastructure capacity to meet burst and peak demands without upfront cost and overprovisioning.

    • Dell Technologies APEX

      Operated by you. Managed by us.

      Boost IT agility and control and leave the lifecycle management to us. Deploy as-a-Service capabilities wherever you need them with Dell Technologies APEX.

    • *Available with Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments, and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.

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